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Award for Teaching Excellence

The Macdonald Campus Award for Teaching Excellence is made to full-time academic staff including Faculty lecturers who are teaching students in the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and/or the School of Human Nutrition. The award is presented at the Spring Convocation.

To be eligible, the recipient must demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of the subjects taught, have enthusiasm for the subject and the capacity to arouse interest in it among the students. He/she sets high standards and successfully motivates students to attain these standards, encourages students to participate in the teaching-learning process, and uses methods of evaluation of student performance which stress an understanding of the subject rather than mere ability to memorize. Furthermore, the recipient demonstrates consistency in excellence both at the undergraduate and graduate teaching levels.

Nominations are now being accepted for the 2020 Award for Teaching Excellence.
Deadline: Wednesday, February 27, 2020

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Professor Ian Strachan and Principal Suzanne Fortier. Photo: Owen Egan and Joni Dufour
Professor Ian Strachan, Natural Resource Sciences

Presented at Convocation Ceremonies, June 5, 2019

This year’s winner of the Macdonald Campus Award for Teaching Excellence is Ian Strachan. Professor Strachan is an Associate Professor in the Department of Natural Resource Sciences and cross-appointed to the Department of Geography. He joined McGill in 2001 following a PhD from Queen’s University and post-doctoral research with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

Dr. Strachan has an unusual set of teaching responsibilities, being one of the few among us to teach regularly on both campuses. His courses include ‘Meteorology’, on the Macdonald Campus, ‘Climatic Environments’ downtown, and ‘Environment and Health’, which is taught on both campuses in collaboration with Nancy Ross from the Department of Geography.

Most students have no background in meteorology or climate when they enter Professor Strachan’s classes, so building from the fundamentals is essential. As one student wrote : “By the final exam I realized just how much material we covered and how everything came together so nicely. We started off with simple gas laws and, by the end, were able to describe very complex weather systems!”

Professor Stachan’s lectures are interactive and engaging, focused around demonstrations, student presentations and discussion to explore difficult concepts.

In the words of his students:

He is super responsive to student questions, obviously extremely caring about the subject and his students”

“I think Ian Strachan was born to be a teacher. His passion was transparent.”

“Kept us awake at 8:30am - loved going to class.”

“We respect him for his knowledge and instruction; we adore him for his friendliness, sense of humor, and care.”




2018: Dr. David Titley-Péloquin, Faculty Lecturer, Freshman Program
2017: Dr. Sébastien Faucher, Associate Professor, Department of Natural Resource Sciences
2016 Dr. Caroline Begg, Faculty Lecturer, Plant Science and Farm Management & Technology Program
2015 Dr. Jan Adamowski, Associate Professor, Bioresource Engineering
2014 Dr. Chris Solomon, Assistant Professor, Natural Resource Sciences
2013 Mr. George McCourt, Faculty Lecturer and Associate Director (Undergraduate Affairs) of the McGill School of Environment
2012 Dr. Elena Bennett, Assistant Professor, Natural Resource Sciences/McGill School of Environment
2011 Dr. Marilyn Scott, Associate Professor, Parasitology
2010 Mr. Christian Molgat, Faculty Lecturer, Farm Management and Technology Program
2009 Dr. Alice Cherestes, Faculty Lecturer, Freshman Program
2008 Dr. Christopher M. Buddle, Assistant Professor, Natural Resource Sciences
2007 Dr. Manfred E. Rau, Associate Professor, Natural Resource Sciences
2006 Dr. Murray Humphries, Assistant Professor, Natural Resource Sciences
2005 Dr. David J. Lewis, Associate Professor, Natural Resource Sciences
2004 Dr. Arif Mustafa, Assistant Professor, Animal Science
2003 Dr. Donald Niven, Associate Professor, Natural Resource Sciences
2002 Dr. Marcia J. Waterway, Associate Professor, Plant Science
2001 Dr. Dominique Berteaux, Assistant Professor, Natural Resource Sciences
2000 Dr. Terry A.Wheeler, Assistant Professor,Natural Resource Sciences
1999 Dr. Laurence B. B. Baker, Assistant Professor, Agricultural Economics
1998 Dr. Ashraf A. Ismail, Assistant Professor, Food Science & Agricultural Chemistry
1997 Dr. James W.Fyles, Associate Professor, Natural Resource Sciences
1996 Dr. G. S. Vijaya Raghavan, Professor, Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
1995 Dr. James P. Smith, Associate Professor, Food Science & Agricultural Chemistry
1994 Dr. Edward McKyes, Professor, Agricultural Engineering
1993 Dr. Peter H. Schuepp, Professor, Renewable Resources
1992 Dr. G. S. Vijaya Raghavan, Professor, Agricultural Engineering
1991 Dr. Jeffrey D. Turner, Assistant Professor, Animal Science
1990 Dr. Kristine G. Koski, Assistant Professor, Dietetics and Human Nutrition
1989 Dr. Elliot Block, Associate Professor, Animal Science
1988 Dr. Clare McFarlane, Faculty Lecturer, Animal Science
1987 Dr. Mamdouh A. Fanous, Associate Professor, Agricultural Statistics
1986 Dr. Donald Niven, Associate Professor,  Microbiology

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