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Prior to hiring an employee and an employee beginning work, the following steps must be taken. 
These steps should be taken at least 2 weeks prior to intended start of employment. Under Quebec labor laws, no employee should begin working until an offer of employment has been presented and accepted by the worker. Until these steps are taken, an employee is not covered by the University’s work-place accident insurance.

1. The supervisor submits a completed "AES Recruitment Form" to the unit's Administrative Assistant/Academic Affairs Administrator/Administrative Supervisor (“the unit administrator”).

2. The unit administrator will review the details on the form, and follows up with the supervisor if clarification is required.

3. Supervisor’s signature is mandatory on the AES Recruitment Form.

3. The unit administrator will create a Job requisition in Workday; the Job requisition will be posted on the HR Careers web site. The employment category and the bargaining unit covering employment categories determine whether a job posting is required, and the duration of the job posting.

4. The supervisor is informed of the job requisition number, which can then be provided to potential candidates or included in a PI’s web page if applicable.

5. Candidates must create a Candidate’s profile in Workday, and submit an application and upload their c.v. or complete the application questionnaire in Workday.

6. The Supervisor can monitor the grid of candidates by entering the job requisition in the Workday search bar. Once a candidate has been identified, the supervisor informs the Unit administrator of the name of the selected candidate, so that the ensuing steps can be completed in Workday by the unit administrator.

7. Ultimately, Workday will generate a template for the offer; the Unit administrator will populate the remaining details; if the process up to this stage has taken longer than anticipated, the Unit administrator will discuss with the supervisor a new “start date” in the near future.  The completed offer will escalate in the WD inbox of the supervisor, so that the supervisor can sign off electronically on the offer. The candidate should be the next one to get notified to review the offer and accept it in WD.

8. The Unit administrator will then get prompted to complete the “Hire steps” once the candidate has accepted the offer.

9. The Hire steps will generate a sequence of steps in WD for the candidate to complete, such as Verification of home address; Citizenship status; entering Social Insurance number and copy of Study/Work permit if applicable, and other “onboarding” steps.

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