Macdonald Campus Medical Notes - Winter 2016

Guidelines on Medical Notes and Accommodation for in-course assignments, tests or exams and course outlines  –  Pilot Project for Winter 2016

For Instructors teaching courses at Macdonald Campus Winter 2016:

  • Students seeking medical accommodation for in-course assignments/tests/exams for courses on the Macdonald Campus have been asked to submit these requests, and the medical documentation, to the Student Affairs Office (106 Laird Hall). Instructors are not to assess or view any medical documentation, or discuss the medical situation with the student at any time during this process.
  • The Student Affairs Office will receive and hold the documentation, review it, and will inform both you and the student, via email, whether or not the request has been approved. This will be done within two working days of receiving the request from the student.
  • If accommodation is granted, it is the student’s responsibility to contact you and enter into a discussion about make-up tests, reweighting of other assessments, extensions on assignments, etc. Instructors may contact chris.buddle [at] (Associate Dean Chris Buddle) (514-398-7711) if they wish to discuss appropriate accommodations.
  • This process does not mean you cannot help students who may be unwell, perhaps by directing students to Student Services (Centennial Centre room CC1-124, 514-398-7992), or by simply being compassionate and considerate of their situation. You may be the right person to help them.
  • You are asked to include the following sentence on your course outlines for the Winter 2016 Term, perhaps alongside the other required parts of the course outline:
    • Sickness/illness during the term: Please visit Student Services (CC1-124) at Macdonald Campus if you are suffering from any mental or physical health-related issues during the term. If you need to seek accommodation for in-course assignments, for medical or other emergencies, please bring medical documentation to the Student Affairs Office (106 Laird Hall).

Any questions about this process can be directed to meline.chatoyan [at] (Meline Chatoyan), at the Student Affairs Office (514-398-7925)


Annual Hazardous Waste Collection - April 2016

Please note that the annual Hazardous Chemical waste collection has been scheduled between 9-12 pm on Friday April 15, 2016, however the chemical gathering for some locations will be on prior day (April 14 in MSB-0931 where is specified as below). Steps to follow:

1-A departmental chemical list has to be prepared and faxed to McGill Hazardous Waste Management at 4633 by latest April 11.The form can be found on WMP web site (www.mcgill/wmp).

This is both for bulk planning pick up as well as advance knowledge of what and if can be picked up on the same date.

WMP requires approximate quantity and name of hazardous chemical for their preparation as certain chemicals may have to be picked up separately.

2- If you are in Raymond, MSB or Barton and your chemical wastes are transportable and not dangerous for transport you can bring them to MSB-031 on a location assigned for your department between 9- 12 on Thursday April 14.

However contact your department / local safety / waste coordinator or representative for further centralization and assistance before being transported.

3- Hazardous chemical Waste could be centralized in your location if possible within a department. However, hazardous chemical waste in other campus location should stay where they are and inform WMP for pick up on that date. Someone must be available on pick up date for identified and access to your hazardous chemical waste location by WMP.

4- Each chemical waste must be identified clearly with proper labeling and packaging. Departmental coordinators can assist you in such requirements also.

5- Campus Security, Facilities Management and Custodial Services are informed for security and safety reasons, to avoid interfere with WMP team work such as an elevator or other repair and afterward clean up on that date.

6. It is highly recommended that Mercury thermometers or equipment which contains mercury as well as expired and unwanted chemicals to be eliminated from your area. This will increase your space while provide a safer as well as more efficient for mylab chemical inventory management.

7. For emergency chemical pick up due to their nature or other situation such as decommissioning a lab at any other time please also contact Hazardous Waste Management.

Please do not hesitate to contact Ebi Noroozi (MSB-03; local 7736) or Waste Management (5066) for any other information required.

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