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Workday updates:

Since August 4, 2020, information across the HR website was updated in line with the launch of Workday. Certain content, forms and processes have transitioned into our new HR information system. Please complete the training for your user profile to ensure you are ready to use Workday.


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General forms | Union/Association forms


You can search for a specific term (e.g. "dental," "timesheet," "tax," etc.) by typing Ctrl-F, then your search terms, then Enter.


Apply for:

Over-age disabled dependent coverage (Manulife)

Provincial plan replacement coverage

Proximity parking permit or adapted transport

Tuition waiver

Employee educational assistance

Employee's dependents



Accident report

Authorization to release confidential information

Declaration of proof of study

Dental claim

Health claim

Physician's statement

Renunciation by the irrevocable beneficiary

Request for Approval of Brand-Name Drug 


University travel registration form (faculty and staff)

Waiver of spousal survivor benefits


Update or change:

Life insurance Forms

Opt-out (Health and Dental)

Workday supervisory organization request form

Workday Role Assignment

This request is made through Workday.

More information


Get paid:


Get access:

Request a McGill ID # for external users



You can search for a specific term (e.g. "AGSEM," "MCLIU," etc.) by typing Ctrl-F, then your search terms, then Enter.


AGSEM - Invigilators

Invigilator membership form


AGSEM - Teaching Assistants

Graduate student application form for Teaching Assistantship

Letter of TA appointment to student

Performance evaluation - graduate student teaching assistant

Teaching Assistantship position posting

Teaching Assistantship supplementary posting

Teaching Assistantship workload form

Union membership form



Floor fellows union membership form

Union membership form



MCLIU application form

MCLIU posting form

Union membership



Request for PED match

Request for PED rematch/update

MUNACA seniority list contestation



SEU application form

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