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Our team works to build relationships with the communities we serve and to highlight the innovative work undertaken by the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences' faculty, staff and students, while promoting the Faculty's key themes, rooted in the AES Strategic Research Plan.

Our Team

Kathy MacLean

Kathy MacLean

Manager, Communications and Planning
Office (514) 398-8636
Cell (514) 923-8636
kathy.maclean [at] mcgill.ca (Email)

Val MacLeod

Val McLeod

Communications Officer
Cell (514) 247-2228
valerie.mcleod [at] mcgill.ca (Email)


Charly Blais

Charly Blais

Digital Communications Associate
charly.blais [at] mcgill.ca (Email)


Our team can assist AES faculty and staff with

► Sharing research news

► Pitching a story

► Promoting a lecture or seminar

► Promoting an event

► Making a website update

► Submitting or updating a Faculty web profile

► Questions or comments


Journalists wishing to consult an expert are invited to reach out to the McGill Newsroom.

AES Communications tools

Faculty and inter-departmental websites

The AES family of websites is comprised of the Faculty website and its affiliated departmental websites, and requires regular maintenance and updates to:

  • Individual faculty member profiles, including research areas and recent publications
  • Program and procedural information for students, staff and faculty

To submit your faculty web profile, please complete the faculty profile questionnaire, and submit it through our Communications webform.

For assistance in updating or optimizing the Faculty or departmental website, please submit a request.


Mac Connections

Mac Connections is an internal email newsletter for Faculty and Staff on the Macdonald Campus. It is published on Wednesdays from September to the last day of classes in the Winter semester.

We welcome community suggestions for content related to events, news and Macdonald Campus business. Please note: Submission deadline is Friday at 4 p.m.


Focus on Macdonald electronic newsletter

Focus on Macdonald is a monthly publication distributed by the Faculty and the University Advancement (Macdonald) team and covers a variety of themes. The newsletter is emailed to all alumni with an active email address, as well as faculty and staff.
For more information, contact us through our webform.


Macdonald Campus Social Media

You are encouraged to help us share campus happenings with our audiences. When appropriate please tag your content #McGillMacCampus.

Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Instagram

Learn more about McGill's social media policies


MCSS Newsletter (formerly the Mac Mouthpiece)

The primary tool for reaching student audiences is through the Macdonald Campus Student Society (MCSS). Each Tuesday during the academic year, MCSS distributes this newsletter to Macdonald Campus students, and faculty and staff subscribers. To submit content, you may contact the MCSS directly.


Macdonald Campus Graduate Students' Society Newsletter (MCGSS)

The newsletter produced by MCGSS is distributed every Monday to graduate students in the Faculty. Content (poster and no more than 100 words of text) must be submitted to mcgss.pgss [at] mail.mcgill.ca by no later than Thursday at 5pm for publication the following Monday.


Essential information and resources

McGill logo and affiliated logos

McGill University maintains a strict policy with regards to the use of the McGill logo and other visual assets.

The University’s logo and related elements are registered trademarks. Their use by third parties* – any person or organization other than those employed by the University or acting as its agent – is thus prohibited, except where written authorization has been obtained from the logo.communications [at] mcgill.ca (Office of Communications and External Relations) or where the University has entered into a written agreement permitting such use. Faculty and staff shall refrain from encouraging use of the trademarks by third parties unless specific approval has been obtained.
*McGill students and student organizations are considered third parties and are not permitted to use McGill’s trademarks, except where approved in writing.

For more information on these policies or for more information on logo permissions, consult McGill's Visual Identity website, or logo.communications [at] mcgill.ca (contact the Visual Identity team) for more information.


Please note: the Macdonald crest may no longer be used on promotional material, publications, posters, etc.


Photography and videography

When employing photos in McGill documents, websites or any other assets, please ensure that:

  • You have the appropriate permissions from the photo subjects, photographer(s) and videographer(s)
  • Photos and videos demonstrating personal/food safety equipment/clothing being used follow all recommended protocol
  • You use the highest resolution possible to ensure the best quality
  • You include captions and/or alternative text where possible to maximize accessibility.

For more information, or to download the Consent form, consult McGill's photography resources.


Information security

All academic, administrative, and support staff who have access to student information have obligations under Quebec and Canadian law and under University policies with regard to maintaining the confidentiality of student information.

As such you may not confirm that a student is registered at McGill or has graduated from McGill without the student’s permission.

For more on this policy, consult McGill's Information Security Reminder which contains an overview of our responsibilities and legal obligations. It is important to underline that all components of a student’s record are confidential.



Reading, watching a video, or clicking can be challenging for people with certain forms of disability. As good citizens, we should feel compelled to make an effort to make communications materials accessible to all users regardless of any type of limitation or device used.

Equity at McGill offers resources to help you to write inclusively and accessibly as well as other tools that you can use to create accessible communications.

McGill's Web Management System outlines a set of accessibility and usability standards for all content creators in compliance with the W3C's global Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI).


Email distribution lists

The Faculty maintains several email distribution lists for internal use only.

Faculty and Staff = Mac-Allusers [at] campus.mcgill.ca

The list distributes official university notifications and announcements to all faculty and staff on the Macdonald Campus.

Academics = Academics-Macdonald [at] campus.mcgill.ca

The list distributes official university notifications and announcements to all academics and select administrators on the Macdonald Campus.

Students (All students)

The all-student distribution list is access restricted.

For notifications and announcements pertaining to university-student business, please forward email-ready requests to kathy.maclean [at] mcgill.ca (Macdonald Communications).

Students (Graduate) and Post-Doctoral Fellows

The Graduate Student/Post-Doctoral Fellow distribution lists are access restricted.

For notifications and announcements pertaining to university-student business, please forward email-ready requests to the gradstudies.macdonald [at] mcgill.ca (Macdonald Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Education).


University Communications Services

The University through its Office of Communications and External Relations (CER) offers a wide range of services to our community including institutional communications, Graphic Design and Multimedia Services, Digital Communications and Community Relations.

The AES Communications team liaises closely with McGill's CER Team on communications initiatives.

Please communications.macdonald [at] mcgill.ca (let us know) about any projects you are undertaking with the CER team.


Institutional Communications

(Media Relations Office, The Reporter)
  • Provides strategic advice for communicating and promoting McGill’s leading institutional and academic research initiatives to the public, partners, stakeholders and international media, as well as to the entire McGill community.
  • Acts as McGill's point of contact with the media. Representatives from the media can gain valuable access to McGill experts or find newsworthy stories about McGill’s research discoveries and events in our newsroom.
  • Manages and promotes McGill news, events and announcements through it's central communications and social media channels
  • Provides direction and guidance in social media as well as media training to faculties, administrative units and graduate students.

Faculty members are encouraged to submit their information to the Media Relations Office's Experts List, which acts a database for media looking to connect with experts in their field.

Faculty wishing to share their research publications are asked to complete and submit this questionnaire, along with your research paper, by email to katherine.gombay [at] mcgill.ca (Katherine Gombay) in the Media Relations Office.


Graphic Design and Multimedia

To consult with McGill's Graphic Design Team, please complete and submit a creative brief form.

To inquire after Multimedia and Video production Services, please contact Associate Director, Communications Services Prachi.Khandekar [at] mcgill.ca (Prachi Khandekar).


Digital Communications

  • develops and executes an integrated digital outreach and engagement strategy to promote McGill’s brand and support McGill’s mission.
  • manages all aspects of the mcgill.ca ecosystem related to communications, including strategy, governance, branding, high-level design, content SEO, prioritization of functionalities and change management
  • Offers a wide variety of digital communications tools and resources for building and optimizing websites
  • Provides digital training and workshops

McGill community members may request a free, secure, McGill-supported website through IT Services. Learn more about the benefits of McGill's Web Management System on their website.


Community Relations

  • Strengthens ties and nurtures harmonious relations between McGill and our neighboring communities.
  • Opens doors for partnerships with non-profits, businesses, social and cultural organizations, and nurture these collaborations. Our expertise helps McGill units reach out and engage with the community more effectively.

If you see an opportunity to connect with our community, a partner or other institutions, please reach out to pascal.theriault [at] mcgill.ca (Pascal Theriault), AES Director of Community Relations.


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