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Sustainability at Macdonald Campus

FMT students begin the planting of 200 trees on the Macdonald Campus to celebrate McGill's bicentennary
FMT students begin the planting of 200 trees on the Macdonald Campus to celebrate McGill's bicentennary. Photo by Caitlin MacDougall.

The Sustainability of Operations at Macdonald Campus Task Force, established by Dean Anja Geitmann in November 2019, is dedicated to raising awareness of current and future sustainability initiatives at Macdonald Campus, and to allow for transparency as Macdonald Campus sets, and achieves, various goals in the years to come.

The task force is comprised of employees and student groups from various parts of the campus, whose goal is to establish new initiatives that are both sustainable and meaningful to its community members.

In 2020, the task force surveyed the Mac Campus community to get a sense of the issues that were pertinent to their colleagues and evaluate their knowledge of existing sustainability initiatives. The results revealed common themes including banning single-use items, diversifying the green space, and ‘greening’ the campus infrastructure.

We thank those who participated for their valuable input, and hope to embark on many new and exciting sustainability projects with active participation from the Mac community.

Inspiring ideas
Current sustainability


Mission Statement

To provide awareness of, support to, and implementation of sustainability initiatives at Macdonald Campus.

Learn more about McGill's Climate and Sustainability Action Plan (2020-2025)


McGill Dossiers:

Developing Sustainable Solutions

Le développement durable, ça nous connaît

Current sustainability initiatives at Macdonald Campus

Find out more about current sustainability initiatives at Macdonald Campus and how to get involved:

Ongoing and Future Initiatives

Subcommittees and initiatives:

  1. Natural and Built Environment. Subgroup Chair: Lindsay Flood
    • Bicentennial Tree Planting Initiative: plant 200 trees in honour of the McGill Bicentennial (Fall 2020-Fall 2021) (Project leads: Lindsay Flood, Franco Nardi, David Wees)
  2. Waste Management. Subgroup Chair: Eby Noroozi
  3. Food Systems. Subgroup Chair: Ainsley Merk
  4. Education, Communication, and Outreach. Subcommittee Chair: Lindsay Flood

Contact Us

For general inquiries, please contact sustainability.mac [at]

  • Professor Cynthia Kallenbach, Assistant Professor in Department of Natural Resource Sciences (Chair of Task Force; Chair of Education and Communication Subgroup)
  • Professor Jan Adamowski, Bioresource Engineering (Co-Chair of Task Force)
  • lindsay.flood [at] (Lindsay Flood) (Chair of Natural and Built Environment Subgroup)
  • Eby Noorzi, Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry (Chair of Waste Management Subgroup)
  • ainsley.merk [at] (Ainsley Merk), (Chair of Food Systems Subgroup)
  • McGill Office of Sustainability


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