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Macdonald Campus Award of Excellence for Administrative and Support Staff

This year Macdonald will formally honour a member of the Administrative and Support staff who demonstrates outstanding performance and contribution in support of the promotion and development of the Macdonald Campus and Community both in the execution of their duties and in the effort and commitment towards service. This award recipient will truly have made a difference to Macdonald Campus life.

This award is open to all members of the Administrative and Support Staff who have been on staff on the Macdonald Campus for a minimum of three years and who work on the Macdonald Campus at the time of nomination. Permanent part-time, permanent sessional and term appointment staff may be considered for the award; the length of service for these staff must be equivalent to three years full-time on the Campus.

Nominations for the Macdonald Campus Award of Excellence for Administrative and Support Staff in 2021 should be submitted to the Office of the Dean, Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, McGill University, Macdonald Campus, 21,111 Lakeshore, Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC, H9X 3V9 no later than November 30, 2020.

The nomination should profile the nominee’s contributions to the Unit, the Faculty, the Campus, and the University. A detailed nomination letter should be signed by a minimum of five individuals of whom one may be a student. All members of the Macdonald Campus may support a nomination, including students registered on the Macdonald Campus. Nominations may be supported by members of one or more units on the Campus. No individual may nominate more than one candidate. Individuals cannot nominate themselves.

Le campus Macdonald honorera officiellement cette année un membre du personnel administratif et de soutien qui a obtenu un rendement exceptionnel et qui a contribué à la promotion et au développement du campus Macdonald et de la communauté dans l’exécution de ses responsabilités et dans ses efforts et sa collaboration aux services. Le lauréat de ce prix devra avoir eu un réel impact sur la vie du campus Macdonald.

Ce prix peut être décerné à tout membre du personnel administratif et de soutien à l’emploi du campus Macdonald depuis au moins trois ans et qui y travaille au moment de sa mise en candidature. La candidature des employés occupant un poste permanent à temps partiel ou un poste permanent saisonnier et du personnel nommé pour une période déterminée sera également étudiée; ces candidats doivent toutefois avoir cumulé des états de services équivalant à trois ans à temps plein au campus Macdonald.

Les candidatures pour le Prix d’excellence à l’intention du personnel administratif et de soutien du campus Macdonald 2021 doivent être envoyées au bureau du doyen, Faculté des sciences de l’agriculture et de l’environnement, Université McGill, 21 111, Lakeshore, Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue (Québec), H9X 3V9 au plus tard 30 novembre 2020.

La candidature doit démontrer les contributions du candidat à l’unité, à la faculté, au campus et à l’université. Une lettre de candidature détaillée doit être signée par au moins cinq personnes dont une peut être un étudiant. Tous les membres du campus Macdonald peuvent appuyer une candidature, y compris les étudiants inscrits au campus Macdonald. Les candidatures peuvent être appuyées par des membres d’une ou de plusieurs unités du campus. Aucun membre ne peut approuver la candidature de plus d’un candidat. Il est également interdit de soumettre sa propre candidature.


2019 Recipient: Ann Gossage, Administrative Assistant (NRS and Animal Science)

Image by Owen Egan.

L-R: Dean Anja Geitmann, Ann Gossage, Paul Meldrum (Macdonald Campus Farm Manager), Professor Brian Driscoll (Chair, Natural Resource Sciences)

CITATION (prepared and read by Prof. Brian Driscoll)

On behalf of the departments of Animal Science and Natural Resource Sciences, I am very honored to recognize the winner of the 2019 Macdonald Campus Award of Excellence for Administrative and Support Staff, Ann Gossage.

At McGill we are privileged to have such wonderful, dedicated and talented staff, thus it is a challenge to narrow down who to nominate. Regardless, the one person whom I felt most deserves this award is Ann Gossage. It appears to me that there is no better run department in the Faculty than NRS, except perhaps Animal Science; and the reason things work so smoothly in these departments is because they are both administered by Ann. The Chair of the Animal Sciences, Raj Duggavathi, heartily agreed with me when I told him that I intended to nominate Ann. I know that all members of both departments feel the same way. I can attest with much gratitude that our jobs as departmental Chairs are much easier than most, because we can depend on Ann for so much.

At the Faculty level, it is my understanding that in recent years Ann’s expertise has been critical in helping to establish the Hub as an efficient administrative center, despite the staff reductions and reorganization.

Not only is Ann good at what she does now, she is continually improving her skills to keep up to date with changing university policy and to gain new skills. For example, Ann recently attended R2R workshops on the downtown campus, and she shared some of our academic recruitment practices with the group, as she felt that other units might benefit from some of the new things we have been doing.

Thus, Ann’s impact is not limited to our departments or the Faculty, she is an incredibly dedicated member of the McGill community.

Previous Award Recipients

2018 Macdonald Campus Care Team (Alain Bertrand, Michel Bédard, Daniel Bleho, Jean Mazerolle, Jeanne Page, Thomas Forrester, Andrew Fraser, Maoxin Xu)

2017 Michel Massé, Logistics and Macdonald Campus Operations

2016 Vee Rowat, Student Affairs Office

2014 Paul Meldrum, Manager, Macdonald Campus Farm

2013 Francine Tardif, School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition

2012 Joanne Ten Eyck, Assistant to the Dean

2010 Mike Bleho, Department of Plant Science

2009 Luciano Germani, IT Customer Services (ICS)

2008 Roslyn James, Department of Plant Science

2007 Peter Knox, Department of Facilities Management

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