Mastery for Service Award

Every five years, Macdonald honours an individual who has provided "outstanding contributions to the Macdonald community as demonstrated by a commitment and dedication to the Campus which has added immeasurably to the quality of the institution, its programs and student life". The award is open to all, faculty or staff, active or retired, alumni and friends.

2015 Recipient: Mr. Serge Lussier, Assistant Director, Farm Management and Technology Program


Tous les cinq ans, le campus Macdonald rend hommage à une personne qui a apporté "une contribution remarquable au campus et a fait preuve de dévouement de manière à enrichir la vie de l'établissement, ses programmes et ses étudiants". Ce prix est accessible à tous, professeurs ou membres du personnel, en service actif ou à la retraite, anciens étudiants et amis.

Serge Lussier has the extremely unique characteristic of being part of the fabric of Macdonald College of McGill University for a remarkable period, close to 45 years.  With that record, he is perhaps the person with the longest active affiliation to Macdonald.

Serge, like some of us, both studied at worked at Macdonald. He completed his BSc Agriculture, majoring in Agronomy in 1974, and started to work as a Senior Technician in the then Agronomy Department. He was Superintendent of the Emile Lods Agronomy Research Centre from 1976-1980. 

In September 1980, Serge was appointed a Faculty Lecturer in the Agriculture Diploma Program, and he has continued to serve the Program to this day. He has seen numerous changes in the Program, and was even responsible for leading some of the changes. He served under at least 3 Directors of the Program, and was part of the management team that oversaw the transition to what is now known as the Farm Management and Technology Program. In addition to his teaching responsibilities in the FMT Program, Serge is currently the Associate Director of the Program.  Serge is a person of loyalty and devotion and has played an enormous supportive role to each Program Director. Never a person wishing to take the limelight or the credit, Serge plays his role behind the scenes. He is the rock of the strength of the FMT program.   

Over 200 Diploma and FMT students would owe their success to Serge. Some may have never completed the Program, had it not been for the deep personal interest and care that Serge takes in every single student. He is a mentor, confidant, and perhaps even a father figure to the students.

But Serge being a true Master of Service goes well beyond the FMT program.  He has contributed to the undergrad teaching programs, giving advice on agronomy to graduate students, and being a farmer to heart, he has given yeoman service to the Macdonald Farm. He has served as Manager of the Field Unit of the Farm, and never hesitates to help with field operations if called upon by the Management. 

No job is too small or unimportant for Serge. He finds the time to provide his technical services without compensation, and goes well beyond his primary teaching responsibilities to make Macdonald that unique caring environment for all staff and students. He is a volunteer extra-ordinaire – serving the Macdonald Alumni Association in a variety of roles. From chairing the Gold Key committee to helping with Founder’s Day, Homecoming, and the annual BBQ for incoming students.  You can count on Serge.

Serge goes the boundaries of the Campus to represent Macdonald. He is deeply involved in the agricultural community, he is an active member of the Ordre des Agronomes du Québec, and ensures that Mac has a voice at the OAQ table. He also supports our interests in the rural communities through his presence at various agricultural fairs.  

What makes Serge stand out – is his quiet and unassuming manner and his tireless devotion to all things Macdonald. Outside Macdonald, Serge is devoted to his family, children and grandchildren.  He is a kind, considerate, gentle person who is well-liked by all who know him.

Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to present, on behalf of the Macdonald Community, the 2015 Mastery for Service Award to Serge Lussier.

Congratulations Serge!


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