Quiet study

This page contains information on the quiet study areas located in the Library branches across campus:

Birks Reading Room

  • All of the Birks Reading Room is a silent study area
  • Because of the hardwood floors in the Birks Reading Room, winter boots must be left on the rubber mats inside the main doors of the building.

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Humanities and Social Sciences Library

There are 3,500 seats, with tables of various sizes, available for use throughout the McLennan-Redpath Library Complex. All of these seats except the conversation zones in the Cyberthèque, main floors and 2nd floors of McLennan and Redpath are for quiet study.


Blackader-Lauterman Library of Architecture and Art

The Blackader-Lauterman study space, located on the third floor of the Redpath Library Building, offers large tables for consultation of oversize books and maps.

  • Blackader Library reading room is a quiet study area
  • Large tables seating over 100 people


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Islamic Studies Library

  • The Islamic Studies Library is a quiet study area.

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Macdonald Campus Library

  • Level 3

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Marvin Duchow Music Library

Quieter study areas in the Music Library are primarily located on the 4th and 5th floors, as each floor has a designated sound level:

  • 3rd (entrance) floor = Talking Zone
  • 4th floor = Semi-Quiet Zone
  • 5th floor = Silent Zone

Additional study-area features:

  • The perimeter of each floor is lined with individual study desks.
  • The 4th floor has over 40 listening and viewing stations equipped with headphones.
  • The 5th-floor carrels are assigned to graduate students but may be used by anyone when not occupied.

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Nahum Gelber Law Library

There are wired study tables and carrels on all floors of the library.

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Osler Library of the History of Medicine

  • 3 tables that seat 12 students in the main part of the library
  • 2 additional rooms reserved for those consulting rare or archival material

Reserved desks

  • 2 desks in the mezzanine

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Rare Books and Special Collections

  • Space for 18 to 20 readers in the Reading Room.
  • This space is reserved for readers using Rare Books and Special Collections Library items.
  • No items are permitted to leave the Reading Room under any circumstances.
  • Readers can place material on hold in the Reading Room, to make the item readily accessible throughout their research period. Please consult the Reading Room Supervisor.

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