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Coming Back to Life 

The collected essays in this volume, which have their genesis in a 2014 colloquium held in Montreal, Quebec, [1] examine the coming back to life thematic within a variety of ancient Mediterranean contexts. The volume's interests lie in the exploration of how antique communities configured, tested, and actualised the boundaries between past and present, mortality and immortality, death and life. Certainly ancient Jewish and Christian notions of the resurrection of the dead—and particularly, Christian beliefs in the resurrection of Jesus—stand as prime examples of the coming back to life thematic. But even here, where the return to life reverses death through the reviving and often transforming of the deceased, there exists a much larger set of assumptions regarding the ontology of past and present, mortality and immortality, death and life: namely, convictions of the potential porosity between distinct modes of existence. Ancient Judeans and Christ-devotees were not alone in negotiating the boundaries between the living and the dead. As the essays in this volume explore, the peoples of the ancient Mediterranean experimented widely with various understandings of death’s permeability.

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Teiresias Supplements Online

Teiresias Supplements Online is an open access venue for the publication of high-end research in Classical Studies. Supplementing the journal Teiresias Online Review and Bibliography of Boiotian Studies, the mission of the series is to foster research on Central Greece and its core region Boiotia. At the same time, the supplements have a wider geographical range, branching out into the history and culture of the Greek mainland and the Peloponnese, from the Bronze Age to Late Antiquity.

Publications appear as peer-reviewed monographs or edited volumes, with extensive coverage of scholarship in Ancient History, Classical Philology, Archaeology, and Epigraphy. The series also invites submissions in related special disciplines such as, for instance, Historical Topography, Onomastics, Prosopography, or Environmental History.

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BOSS: The Biannual Online-Journal of Springsteen Studies aims to publish scholarly, peer-reviewed essays pertaining to Bruce Springsteen. This open-access journal seeks to encourage consideration of Springsteen’s body of work primarily through the political, economic, and socio-cultural factors that have influenced his music and shaped its reception. BOSS welcomes broad interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary approaches to Springsteen’s songwriting and performance. The journal aims to secure a place for Springsteen Studies in the contemporary academy.

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Canadian Review of Art Education (CRAE) 

Canadian Review of Art Education is a refereed journal published twice yearly by the Canadian Society for Education through Art (CSEA). Authors may submit well-crafted manuscripts in English or French on research or issues of interest and benefit to Canadian art educators. CRAE also accepts manuscripts that reflect diverse contexts, perspectives, and methodologies.

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CuiZine: The Journal of Canadian Food Studies / Le journal des études sur l'alimentation au Canada nourishes intellectual exchanges on the subject of food in Canada from multicultural perspectives. An integral aspect of ethnic identity and cultural production, food acts as a window into multiple cultural publics and thus lends itself to various interrogations through, for example, ethnography, history, material culture, literary studies, sociology, anthropology, religious studies, art history, communications, and environmental studies. CuiZine aims to provide an innovative academic forum for interdisciplinary discussions surrounding the diverse culinary cultures of Canada, while also providing a venue for dynamic creative content on the subject. CuiZine also serves as a creative outlet for food-themed written and visual pieces. Poetry and prose submissions should feed our minds, and aesthetic pieces should engage our senses.

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Education Libraries 

Education Libraries is an electronic, refereed journal of the Special Libraries Association’s (SLA) Education Division.  It offers a forum for new and challenging ideas in education and library and information science. It also explores the effect of new technologies on the library profession and library and information curriculum.

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Founded in 1988, Fontanus: from the collections of McGill University, was conceived as an annual scholarly journal to showcase McGill Collections, including Library Archives and Museums, through in-depth scholarly articles which interpret or showcase particular collections. Like McGill's collections, the subject range of the individual articles run the full spectrum from Science, Medicine, Law and the Humanities and Social Sciences. A long standing feature of the journal includes a Notes and Collections update section which provides users with information on new and noteworthy collections acquired by the Library. Each issue is produced with an attractive layout and is richly illustrated.

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Indian Ocean World Centre Working Papers (IOWCWP) 

The Indian Ocean World Centre Working Paper Series explores the past and contemporary history, geography, economy, environment and politics of the Indian Ocean World. The journal encourage contributors to adopt a transnational approach which scrutinises the links and interactions within the larger Indian Ocean World. However, IOWCWP also welcomes more focussed studies concentrating on specific events and areas in the Middle East, East Africa, the Indian Subcontinent, East and Southeast Asia. 

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International Journal of Whole Person Care 

The International Journal of Whole Person Care, published by McGill University's Programs in Whole Person Care, aims to publish work that harmonises the power of modern biomedicine with the potential for healing of every person who seeks the care of a healthcare practitioner.

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Journal of Indian Ocean World Studies 

The Journal of Indian Ocean World Studies (JIOWS) publishes original peer reviewed articles by established and emerging scholars in the social sciences and related disciplines that contribute to an understanding of the Indian Ocean World (IOW) and its constituent parts, from early times to the present day. The IOW is here defined as a macro-region running from Africa to the Far East, comprising both maritime and terrestrial zones.

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McGill Journal of Education / Revue des sciences de l'éducation de McGill 

The McGill Journal of Education (MJE) promotes an international, multidisciplinary discussion of issues in the field of educational research, theory, and practice.
The MJE publishes three issues a year. 

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McGill Journal of Political Studies 

The MJPS is a peer-reviewed, student-run journal that aims to promote undergraduate scholarship on relevant topics in politics, government, and international affairs. 

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Montreal Architectural Review 

The Montreal Architectural Review is a peer-reviewed annual publication for scholarship in the history and philosophy of architecture. Based at McGill University, the journal publishes essays and book reviews that investigate the intersections of architecture, philosophy, and literature.

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Ticker: The Academic Business Librarianship Review 

ticker: The Academic Business Librarianship Review aims to be forum for the exchange of the research, best practices, and innovative thinking in business librarianship and business library management. Sponsored by the Academic Business Library Directors (ABLD) Association, this open-access journal seeks to encourage consideration of all aspects of business librarianship through articles, thought pieces, member profiles, case studies, conference reports, and more. ticker welcomes broad interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary approaches to business librarianship.

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Canadian Journal of Nursing Research

The Canadian Journal of Nursing Research digital archive is an online archive available through the McGill University Library, and hosted by the McGill University Library Digital Collections Program in perpetuity. This archive has been made possible through a Richard M. Tomlinson Digital Library Innovation and Access Award to the McGill School of Nursing. The Richard M. Tomlinson award recognizes the ongoing contribution and commitment the CJNR has made to the McGill School of Nursing, and to the development and nursing science in Canada and worldwide. 

Presently the digital archive includes all issues from 1969 to 2003. The archives will be continually updated with respect to a three-year moving wall, meaning that all CJNR publications up until the most recent three years will be available. These more recent volumes will be available through our on-line subscription provider, Ingenta Connect.

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Fifith Column: The Canadian Student Journal of Architecture

The Fifth Column was a student-run architectural journal at the McGill School of Architecture. The journal was active from 1980 to 2002. One of the magazine's objectives was to "promote the study and appreciation of a sensitive architecture within the architectural community and general population, thereby positively influencing the development of architecture in Canada."

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Revue Littératures

Littératures est la revue du Département de langue et littérature françaises (DLLF) de l'Université McGill. Questions ? Veuillez contacter Michael David MILLER, Bibliothécaire en littérature de langue française à la Bibliothèque des sciences humaines et sociales de l'Université McGill. 

Littératures is published by McGill University's Departement of French Language and Litterature.  Questions? Please contact Michael David Miller, liaison librarian for french literature at the Humanities and Social Sciences Library of McGill University.

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