Check journal compliance with Tri-Agency and FRQ open access requirements

Search Sherpa Romeo by journal title to review a journal's open access policies. 

Using Sherpa Romeo in 4 steps

1) Go to the Sherpa Romeo website and enter journal title in the search box.

Step one SherpaRomeo

2) Read the Publication Information section to make sure you are consulting the correct journal.

3) Review the Publisher Policy section to see the Open Access policies for the Publisher Version, Accepted Version and Submitted Version of your article. Click on each to reveal more information. 

4) Note any OA fees, embargoes, and location.

These sections tell you if you need to pay to make your work Open Access (OA fee), if you have to wait a certain amount of time before you can make that version Open Access (Embargo) and where you and put that version once it is Open Access (Location).

Sherpa Romeo Vocabulary

  • Published Version
    • Also known as: Version of Record, Publisher PDF
  • Accepted Version
    • Also known as: Accepted Manuscript, final manuscript and Postprint
    • This version of your paper has undergone peer-review, changes have been applied and is the final version sent to the journal to be transformed into the Publisher Version
    • Intellectually, the Accepted Version and Publisher Version are the same
  • Submitted Version
    • Also know as: Submitted Manuscript and Preprint
    • This version has not undergone any peer-review and is the initial submission made to a journal

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