Share your research data

Funding bodies and publishers are increasingly requiring data sharing of research results alongside publication. Making data accessible in a trusted data repository has the following advantages, it: allows others to verify your research; encourages others to cite your research; can lead to new contacts from potential collaborators, funders, and other interested parties; provides a securely-stored, authoritative copy of your data; and may be found by another research who can then use it in other research.   Ultimately, sharing your data is good for society, academia and future research.

Research data-even sensitive and confidential data-can be shared ethically and legally if researchers take time to:

  • include provision for data sharing when gaining informed consent;
  • protect personal, sensitive or confidential information via anonymization;
  • consider controlling access to data or adding embargoes; and
  • apply an appropriate licence (see the Guide to Open Data Licensing).

Many repositories offer embargo periods where the data is kept private until you are ready for its release.

Funders with data sharing policies 

Sharing research data  

McGill Library is working on plans for a data-repository solution that will provide more local solution for research data management and archiving. 

A wide variety of data repositories and databases available that archive research data from many subject areas. Coverage varies by discipline.   

McGill researchers who wish to look for an apporpriate data repository are encouraged to start by using which provides a comprehensive listings of disciplinary and institutional repositories to host and share research data.  

Other places to find lists of data repositories include: 

The following list names a few, reputable general data repositories:

  • Figshare - a general purpose repository often used in partnership w/ PLOS publications.
  • Dryad - frequently used for scientific and medical publication
  • ICPSR - a repository commonly used for social sciences data
  • Scholar's Portal Dataverse - meant primarily for individuals and organizations associated with Ontario universities, SP Dataverse will allow anyone to deposit research data. Contact dataverse [at] for more information

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