Data access and use

Numeric Data


Berenica Vejvoda
Data Librarian
berenica.vejvoda [at] (Email) • 514-398-3702

Berenica Vejvoda (Data Librarian) is responsible for the provision of numeric data services in support of research and teaching.  If you need help discovering and accessing data and/or using/manipulating data using statistical software (SPSS, Stata, SAS, R) for your research or teaching, she is available to consult and provide instructional support. 

Geospatial Data


Michael Groenendyk
Geospatial Data Librarian
Michael.Groenendyk [at] (Email) • 514-398-1713

Michael Groenendyk (Geospatial Data Librarian) is responsible for the library’s map and geospatial data collections. He provides instruction and research support to faculty and students in geospatial data discovery and access. If you need assistance with accessing and/or using/manipulating data using GIS for your research or teaching, he is available for consultations and instructional support.

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