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After-hours access

For the periods during which the is not open 24 hours, faculty members and graduate students in the departments served by Schulich Library may obtain access to the library after closing hours. To obtain After-Hours Access (AHA), apply to your department directly. Contact your AHA departmental resource person.

If you have access problems, please contact robert [dot] selby [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Robert Selby) , tel: 514-398-4409.

AHA privileges are only extended to faculty and graduate students for the purpose of carrying out research and teaching preparation requiring access to library materials. The privileges are not transferable and may be revoked at any time.

AHA departmental resource persons

Applications for AHA are submitted through designated departmental resource persons (listed below) for the departments served by Schulich Library. Researchers from other McGill departments should contact robert [dot] selby [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Robert Selby) , tel: 514-398-4409, for information.

Department Resource person Address Local
Architecture David Krawitz Macdonald Harrington Bldg, Room 204 6704
Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences Paula Domingues Burnside Hall, Room 942 3764
Biomedical Engineering Prof. Robert Funnell Lyman Duff Medical Bldg., 3775 University St., Room 302 6739
Chemical Engineering Jo-Ann Gadsby M. H. Wong Bldg., Room 3060 4494
Chemistry Prof. David Ronis Otto Maass Chemistry Bldg., Room 426 5099
Civil Engineering & Applied Mechanics

Sun Chee Wong

Macdonald Engineering Bldg., Room 492 6858
Computer Science Diti Anastasopoulos McConnell Engineering Bldg., Room 318 00074
Earth & Planetary Sciences Anne Kosowski Frank Dawson Adams Bldg., Room 238A 3490
Electrical & Computer Engineering Connie Greco
Caroline Brown
McConnell Engineering Bldg., Room 603 1406
Geography TBA    
Masters in Manufacturing Management Marcela Cao Macdonald Engineering, Room 374 7201
Mathematics & Statistics Raffaella Bruno Burnside Hall, Room 1012 3801
Mechanical Engineering Joyce Nault Frank Dawson Adams Bldg., Room 127 6281
Mining and Materials Engineering Nathaniel Quitoriano, Ph.D. M.H. Wong Building Room 2620 5814
Physics Louise Decelles Rutherford Physics Bldg., Room 108 6477
Other McGill departments Sara Holder Schulich Library 2124

AHA regulations

  • Do not take anyone into the Library with you. Please ensure that nobody enters just behind you.
  • Do not lend your card and PIN to anyone else.
  • Wave the magnetic strip on your card at the exit-reader each time you exit. Do not exit with anyone else. Do not let anyone exit with you.
  • Do not remove items from the Library, unless you have signed them out using one of the Auto-Loan machines.
  • Do not use the Library AHA for casual purposes or for work or study that could reasonably be done elsewhere or during regular opening hours.
  • Do not smoke or consume food or beverages in the Library.

Please inform your department when you no longer require AHA privileges or when you leave McGill.

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