Affiliated hospital access to McGill e-resources

Due to strict licensing agreements with publishers, most electronic library resources such as databases, full text electronic journals and textbooks, as well as other online services are restricted to McGill students, faculty, and staff.

As a result, only people who are individually affiliated with McGill University as a faculty or staff member, student, or medical resident are authorized to access McGill Library e-resources from off campus.

Anyone working in the affiliated hospitals who is not authorized to access McGill Library e-resources has several options available to them:

  • They can access e-resources licensed for use by their hospital and/or unit.
  • They can request McGill Library materials via their hospital's inter-library loan service.
  • They can access McGill Library e-resources when they are on McGill’s downtown or Macdonald campuses, either by connecting to the McGill wireless network or by using one of the computer workstations located any of the McGill Library’s branches.

To learn more about the resources available to you, please contact your hospital librarian or Schulich Library of Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, and Engineering.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact if I have any question or need any type of help (technical or otherwise)?

Contact your hospital librarian OR the Schulich Library of Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, and Engineering at 514-398-4769 or schulich.library [at] (by email).

1.    How do I know if I am authorized to have access to McGill Library e-resources?

You are authorized if you are individually affiliated with McGill as a faculty or staff member, a student, or a medical resident.

2.    How do authorized users access McGill Library e-resources from hospital computers?

Authorized users will be able to access e-resources from hospital computers by authenticating through EZproxy.

To access McGill Library e-resources using EZproxy, use the links available on the Health, biological sciences subject guides.

For more information on EZproxy, see: EZproxy FAQ.

3.    Will authorized users be required to log in to access McGill Library e-resources even while on campus?

Any individual who is on campus (downtown or Macdonald) will be able to access Library e-resources without having to authenticate with EZproxy, either by connecting to the McGill wired or wireless network, or by using computer workstations located in the Library.

4.    Will authentication be required each time an authorized user goes to the McGill Library suite of e-resources or will authorized users be required to log in for each individual e-resource they wish to access?

Yes, authentication is required, but only one log-in per browser session will be needed in order to access any of the McGill Library e-resources. For more information, see: EZproxy FAQ.

5.    Doesn't this impact our services?

Non-McGill users at affiliated hospitals have access to a number of databases provided by the hospital. Library users also have full support of the hospital librarians and can request articles and other resources through inter-library loan.

6.    Could coverage not be extended to the hospitals?

The licensing agreements in place are consistent with institutions across North America. An extension of coverage would cost millions of dollars.

7.    How does it work at other hospitals and universities?

Hospitals typically pay fees to get access to electronic resources – usually via a consortium – and do not have access to all the e-resources of the university.

8. I am individually affiliated with McGill (faculty, staff, student, or resident) but haven't set up my email account. What do I do next?

If you have McGill credentials, please review the detailed instructions below. They outline how to activate your McGill email address, as well as how to set up an automatic forward to another preferred account that you use on a daily basis, if desired.

STEP 1 - McGill ID Number
You must have your 9-digit (numeric) McGill ID number on hand. If you do not remember your McGill ID number, please contact the administrator in your particular division to whom McGill has sent your ID information.

STEP 2 - Email Activation
Information on how to activate a McGill email account may be found here.
Please note that only you can request email activation since it involves the use of your McGill ID number and your confidential Personal Information Number (PIN).

STEP 3 - Email Redirection
If you prefer to use another email address, then you should arrange to have your McGill email redirected to this other address. Information on how to change the delivery destination of a McGill email address may be found here.

For further information: If you need these processes, contact the IT Service Desk at 514-398-3398. You will need your McGill ID number when you call.

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