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POPS Timesheets now available on Minerva Delegate Temporary Signing Authority Menu

Published: 4 December 2013
Dear colleagues,

Following the announcement regarding the New Delegation Menu accessible via MINERVA effective May 15, 2013, this Menu has been expanded to allow for the temporary delegation of signing authority for  POPS Timesheets by Fund Financial Managers/Principal Investigators.  The delegate must be a faculty or staff member who possesses the necessary skills and knowledge for the effective exercise of signing authority.  The new radio button for POPS Timesheets will be available on December 12th and can be found in Minerva under the Employee Tab or the Finance Tab.

Effective January 6, 2014, POPS Timesheets will require the Fund Financial Manager/Principal Investigator (or their Delegate) to sign and date the timesheets.  The updated POPS timesheets will be available on the  HR website -

These timesheets must be retained by the Faculty/Department/Unit as per the Record Retention of Supporting Documentation Table and the Retention Requirements for Supporting Documentation available on the Financial Services website -



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 Thank you for your cooperation in implementing these new procedures.             

[Message sent out over the FIS listserv on behalf of Cristiane Tinmouth, Controller, Financial Services and Alison Verkade, Director Service Centre, Human Resources.]

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