Change in Supplier Invoice Process - effective Jul 17, 2017 and Sep 1, 2017 - ANNOUNCEMENT

Published: 6Jul2017

This message is sent on behalf of François Pouliot, Director Procurement Services and Julie Ghayad, Director Finance Infrastructure and Transaction Services...

Overhead Recovery Fee FY2018

Published: 5Jul2017

This message is sent on behalf of Serge Bergeron, Budget Director, and Myriam Bensimon, Controller Dear Colleagues,

Budget Carry Forwards posted to May of fiscal year 18 (2017/18)

Published: 31May2017

This message is sent on behalf of Cristiane Tinmouth, Associate Vice-Principal, Financial Services & Bradley Tucker, Executive Director, Analysis, Planning and Budget...

Tri-Agency Monitoring Site Visit 2016 Results - updates & scorecard

Published: 26May2017

This message was previously sent out without the attached Scorecard – we apologize for the omission....