New Required Process of Receiving Goods and Services in MMP


Published: 12Feb2021

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This message is sent on behalf of François Pouliot, Director of Procurement Services & Julie Ghayad, Director Systems & Transaction Services:

McGill University will be moving to a 3-way match process effective March 10, 2021. A 3-way match consists in linking the purchase order (PO) to an acknowledgement that the goods and services were indeed received, and then to the invoice from the supplier, prior to releasing payment. This system works like a critical gatekeeper for McGill University and allows to immediately flag any inconsistencies. The previous 2-way match process has been deemed as a high risk finding by both our internal and external auditors numerous times.

Initially, only goods & services of a pre-tax value greater than one thousand dollars ($1,000 CDN) must be received in the McGill Market Place (MMP), to align with certain Ministry instructions. An acknowledgement of receipt for these goods and services must be created in the McGill Market Place (MMP). During a second phase of implementation, the process will be expanded to include all orders of goods and services, regardless of value.


  • avoid paying for goods and services that were not ordered (non authorized purchases or fraudulent invoices)

  • avoid payments for goods and services that were not received or received in the wrong quantity (early payment)

  • avoid duplicate payments of goods and services

  • avoid paying for the wrong goods and services

  • promotes accountability through increased visibility; inaccuracies can be investigated and solved more easily because they are easier to trace.

Change in Process:

  • All goods and services with a pre-tax unit cost equal or greater than $1,000 CDN must be received in MMP.

  • All invoices totalling a value equal to or greater than $10,000 CDN regardless of the actual unit cost of the goods or services, must be received in MMP.

  • Receiving should be done by the MMP FOAPAL Requestors or by the Fund Financial Managers (FFMs). Receivers must therefore have sufficient knowledge of the goods/services delivered.

  • Payments will not be released to suppliers until receiving is done in MMP.

  • Email notifications will be sent on a daily basis to FOAPAL Requestors advising them that a receipt is required against a Purchase Order.

  • Please note that Accounts Payable will continue to ask for positive approvals from FFMs on Invoices greater than $10,000 via email for a short period following implementation, as an interim, additional measure of accounting security.

Training & Support:

  • Training will be offered prior and after the March 10th go-live date. To register, please login to Minerva ->Employee ->Training Menu -> IT Services System Training -> Banner/Minerva -> PRO 401 or visit our website

  • Attached you will find the How to Process Receipts in MMP manual

  • For questions and/or support in MMP, please email Procurement Services at feedback.purchasing [at]

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