Processing Receipts in MMP

Course Objective

The University has implemented the receiving of goods or services for every purchase order issued in the McGill MarketPlace. This process ensures that the Procurement Cycle is complete for all order types. This course will demonstrate how to  confirm reception of goods/services prior to payment being released to the supplier.

Course PRO 401
Prerequisites: PRO 201 (not mandatory)
Duration: 1 hour
Course format: Informational Training Session
Course material: Processing Receipts in MMP 

By the end of the course, participants will:

  • Understand how the Procurement cycle affects the reception of goods or services
  • Be able to identify between various receiving types 
  • Know how to apply and create new receipts against valid purchase orders
  • Know how to cancel receipts against valid purchase orders
  • Understand the impact receipts have toward invoices and payment issuance


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