NEW PCard Regulation, Procedures and Application form


Published: 14Jul2021

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July 14, 2021



FIS Users, Fund Financial Managers, Faculty Financial Officers,

PCard Users



Prof. Yves Beauchamp, Vice-Principal, Administration and Finance

Prof. Christopher P. Manfredi, Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic)

Cristiane Tinmouth, Associate Vice-Principal, Financial Services



New PCard Regulation, Procedures and Application form



To all Finance users


Following an Internal Audit of the PCard Program, the PCard Regulation, Procedures, and Application form have been updated. Since the PCard Regulation has been significantly revised, we strongly recommend you take the time to read these.


Faculty Financial Officers were given advance notice of the significant changes made to the PCard Regulation. Following their recommendations, in order to allow Faculties sufficient time to implement these changes, the PCard Regulation has a revision date of July 12, 2021, but the effective date is September 1, 2021. The new PCard Application form is effective immediately.


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