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Fund Balances and Profile Report for PIs/FFMs - New Tool to Manage all Your Funds

Published: 10 December 2013

Dear Colleagues,

In collaboration with the McGill Tri-Agency Response Implementation Group (TRIG), Advisory Committee, the Research Administration Network (RAN) community and the Financial Services Teams (FST), Financial Services has made great progress towards addressing the need for a comprehensive financial summary of all funding sources (research/non research) tailored specifically for Principal Investigators (PIs) and Fund Financial Managers (FFM).

We are pleased to release the Fund Balances and Profile Report.  A new and easy tool that is web based and can be run anytime, anywhere. The Fund Balances and Profile report is an active tool that can be used to track the daily activities and balances for all funds.

The Fund Balances and Profile web report provides:

  • A summary of all Fund Types grouped by Research/Non Research
  • Data that is refreshed on a nightly basis (real‐time data of all financial transactions recorded the previous day)
  • Current year budgets, expenses, commitments with drill down capabilities that will assist with the review of all expenses incurred
  • Ability to run the report using specific date ranges
  • Fund Termination Date Indicator (funds terminating within: 30-60-90 days)
  • New Alerts:  Fund Status, PCard Flag, HR Flag
  • A legend that explains flags and other fields appearing in the report

In order to run this report, Data Warehouse Access is required. Obtaining access is a one-time only step that will take a few minutes.

  • To access the Fund Balances and Profile Report, go to the Researcher Tools page on the Financial Services website -
  • Click on Researcher Tools (left hand tab) to access the Fund Balances and Profile Report
  • Once you click on the report name and log in with your McGill Username (first.last [at] and Password, remember to use your Banner User ID and Password to login to the BANREP database.

Please note that your Data Warehouse password may not be synchronized with your Banner password; therefore you would need to log into Minerva and select your Personal Menu -> Password for Banner/Imaging/Data Warehouse to change your password and this will automatically synchronize it for you.

We trust that this report meets the needs of the community and will assist with the daily management of all funds.

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[Message sent out over the FIS listserv on behalf of Elvie Coletta, Director,  Research Financial Management Services.]

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