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Delegation of Temporary Signing Authority Procedures For All Fund Financial Managers

Published: 9 May 2013

Dear colleagues,

Following the announcement regarding the New Delegation Menu accessible via MINERVA effective May 15, 2013, this new tool is to be used by all Fund Financial Managers and Principal Investigators for use across all fund types and is not restricted to research funds.  The temporary delegation in Minerva will replace the current paper forms and will be in effect for Travel Advances, Expense Reports and Payment Requests.   A Fund Financial Manager may elect a temporary delegate.  The delegate must be a faculty or staff member who possesses the necessary skills and knowledge for the effective exercise of signing authority. 

Please refer to:  ‘Fund Financial Manager Regulations, Reimbursement of Expenses Policy, and Payment Request Policy’ on the Financial Services website using the following link:

The knowledge base article, accessed via  provides guidance on how to use this new delegation tool.

We trust this automated solution will generate efficiencies in processing the relevant documents.

Thank you

Cristiane Tinmouth, CPA, CAController | Financial Services

[Message sent out on the FIS listserv May 9, 2013.]

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