Changes to Travel and PCard Processes/Policies/Regulations/Procedures


Published: 18Sep2020

This message is sent on behalf of Julie Ghayad, Director Systems and Transaction Services


Following internal consultation with University Archives, Faculty Financial Officers and teams within Financial Services, we are pleased to announce that the paperless processes put in place for Advances, Expense Reports and PCard Transactions will remain in effect permanently.

In order to remain paperless and to maintain sufficient controls, please take note of the following process changes:

Original Paper Receipts/Supporting Documentation

  • Travel:
    • Once an Expense Report is processed by Travel Desk, any original paper receipt that is digitized and submitted with the Expense Report must be destroyed. The official Expense Report available for internal or external audits is the Expense Report that is submitted, processed and retained by Travel Desk.
    • Refer to: Procedures for Travel and Other Reimbursable Expenses – PR5.2
  • PCard
    • PCard supporting documents should be digitized and uploaded at the time of reconciliation. Please refer to the Digitization Guidelines.
    • Once the PCard transaction has been approved and has posted to Banner FIS, the PCard supporting documents must be destroyed.
    • The official PCard supporting documentation that will be made available for internal or external audits are the PCard supporting documents that have been digitized and uploaded at the time of reconciliation.
    • PCard supporting documents that are not digitized and uploaded at the time of reconciliation must be retained as per R13. Required Documentation and Record Retention.
    • Refer to: PCard Regulation – R1. PCard Glossary

Non-Travel/Trip Related Expense Reports

  • Expense Reports not related to travel, trips (including field trips) or conferences that are submitted after 90 days following the oldest receipt date will not be reimbursed.
  • Refer to: Reimbursement of Travel and Other Expenses Policy – P3.6
  • This change takes in effect for Expense Reports submitted as of November 1, 2020

Please Note:

  • Financial Services will be performing after the fact monitoring and compliance sampling.
  • These processes, as with any, are subject to audit (centrally and at the unit level).
  • For all revisions, please refer to the Revision Notes for each Policy, Regulation and Procedures.
  • Courses, How To’s and respective Minerva Menus will be updated in the upcoming weeks.

Questions? For Help?

  • Finance Help Desk at Fishelp.acct [at] or by phone at x.3463.

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