Mental Health and Wellness

Mental Health and Wellness

Feeling down or in distress? We're here to help.

Engineering Local Wellness Advisor (LWA)

Portrait of Virginie, Engineering Local Wellness Advisor

Hi, I am Virginie, your Engineering LWA. I am a licensed mental health clinician embedded within the Faculty of Engineering. I have an extensive background, recently I worked and lived in the Inuit community for two years. You can think of me as a wellness expert and a liason between the Faculty and Student Services.  I am available for one-on-one meetings and skills-based wellness workshops.

Additional resources:  Students can reach out to the Wellness Hub site to book an appointment with a Local Wellness Advisor should you wish to meet with a mental health professional 1:1 to discuss your wellness needs and engage in support here: OR by calling the wellness hub directly to schedule a meeting @ 514-398-6017.

Continue to stay tuned for many wellness events, workshops and initiatives by checking the Student Wellness Hub regularly!

Remote & In-Person Workshops & Groups  OR  see Events.

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