Engineering Peer Tutoring Service (EPTS)

EPTS is available in-person starting the week of January 17th, 2024! Please check out their myCourses pages for updates and see the new schedule below.

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Where to find EPTS

Each subject tutored by EPTS has a myCourses page where you will be able to verify the dates and times of the weekly drop in sessions as well as any other information posted by the tutor: Link for students to register for EPTS myCourses pages

Contact us: epts [at] (EPTS Email )| EPTS Website | EPTS Facebook page

Who Are We

The Engineering Peer Tutoring Service is sponsored by the Faculty of Engineering, and is designed to help Year 0 and Year 1 students. Tutorial sessions are conducted daily in the McGill Engineering Student Centre (MESC) on the ground floor of the Frank Dawson Adams Building, Room 6B.

The tutorial program has been available to engineering students for more than 40 years to ease students' transition from high school and CEGEP to university, since the first year at university requires adjustments to students' study practices as they develop new study skills. Engineering Faculty courses are conducted by Professors and Teaching Assistants (TA), which include tutorials, however some students need additional personal attention.

This is where the Peer Tutoring Service can play a key role in assuring success at McGill. The tutors can answer some of the most challenging questions and help give students what they need to obtain results in their respective field of study. This program also offers direct contact with an upper-year student who has already been through the program!

The Tutors

Peer Tutors are available daily from the third week of each term. Additionally, seminars are held each term prior to midterm exams for an opportunity to review material. The availability of tutors, their skills and knowledge make the Peer Tutoring Service an essential part of student life.

EPTS Tutor Awards for 2023-2024

Associate Dean Kietzig and Associate Director Lewis presents Owen Armstrong (Chemical Engineering) with the EPTS Tutor Award. Owen tutored CHEE 204, 220.
Associate Dean Kietzig and Associate Director Lewis presents Anne Sarah Dickman (Bioengineering) with the EPTS Tutor Award. Anne tutored BIEN 220, 300.


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