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I am a dentist with professional training in the fields of oral surgery and dental public health, plus research training in the field of clinical epidemiology. My research interests concern evaluation of clinical and other interventions aimed at improving oral health among patient groups, plus health service and population level interventions to improve oral health, oral health care and health policies. My particular areas of research interest is understanding barriers to accessing to dental care and how to overcome them, including training dental and other health care professionals in ways that help improve access to dental care. I also aim to help translate evidence into action through participation in a number of organizations whose goals aim to improve education, research health, health care and health policy. As such, I am heavily involved in the activities of the Association of Canadian Faculties of Dentistry (, the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences ( and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (



Areas of expertise: 
  • Dental public health
  • Access to dental care

DENT 685 Theory of Dental Public Health

DENT 217 Foundations of Dentistry

2001 McGill College, suite 500
Research areas: 
Population Oral Health
Awards, honours, and fellowships: 

2011: Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences

2012: Winner of the Réseau de recherche en santé buccodentaire et osseuse prix Micheline Blaine pour la contribution exceptionnelle d'un scientifique, d'un clinicien ou d'un gestionnaire à l'évolution de la santé buccodentaire par la qualité de son travail, de sa vision ou de son influence

2013: Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medal

Selected publications: 

Recent peer-reviewed publications

Allison PJ, Cleghorn B and Perry J: Admissions processes for dentistry programs in Canada: A report for the Canadian Dental Association and Association of Canadian Faculties of Dentistry on current practices and future directions. 2014 (

Improving Access to oral health care for vulnerable people living in Canada. A report of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences; Allison PJ, Chair of the assessment panel preparing the report. 2014 (

HW Elani*, PJ Allison, RA Kumar, L. Mancini, A. Lambrou & C. Bedos (2014). A Systematic Review of Stress in Dental Students. Journal of Dental Education. 78(2):226-42

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Tikhonova S*, Feine JS, Pustavoitava NN & Allison PJ (2014): Reproducibility and Diagnostic Outcomes of Two Visual-Tactile Criteria Used by Dentists to Assess Caries Lesion Activity: a Cross-Over Study. Caries Research. 48(2):126-36

C. Bedos, C. Loignon, A. Landry, L. Richard & PJ Allison (2014): Providing care to people on social assistance: how dentists in Montreal, Canada, respond to organisational, biomedical, and financial challenges. BMC Health Services Research 14:472. DOI: 10.1186/1472-6963-14-472 URL:

H. Dahan*, Y. Shir, A.M. Velly and P.J. Allison (2015): Specific and number of comorbidities are associated with increased levels of temporomandibular pain severity and duration. Journal of Headache and Pain. 16:47

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H. Dahan*, Y. Shir, B. Nicolau, D. Keith & P Allison (2016): Migraine and chronic fatigue syndrome are more prevalent in people with myofascial vs. non-myofascial temporomandibular disorders. Journal of Oral and Facial Pain and Headache. 30(1):7-13

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V. D’Souza*, E. Watson*, E. Blouin, A. Zeitouni, & P.J. Allison (2018): Information Service in Head and Neck Cancer Care – a qualitative study. Supportive Care in Cancer. 26(1):91-98

Furlini L, Noushi N, Castonguay G, Bedos C, Allison P, De Souza R,Esfandiari S, Hovey R, Macdonald ME, Morris M, Nicolau B, Power F, Feine JS (2018): Assessing Dental Student Readiness to Treat the Underserved: A Scoping Review. Journal of Dental Education. Vol 82(5):483-91

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C. Laprise, S. Arekunnath Madathil, N. Schlecht, G. Castonguay D. Soulieres, F. Nguyen, P. Allison, F. Coutlee, M. Hier, M-C, Rousseau, E. Franco & B. Nicolau (2019): Increased risk of oropharyngeal cancers is mediated by oral human papillomavirus infection: results from a Canadian study. Head & Neck. 1-8.

Marco A Peres, Lorna M D Macpherson, Robert J Weyant, Blánaid Daly, Renato Venturelli, Manu R Mathur, Stefan Listl, Roger Keller Celeste, Carol C Guarnizo-Herreño, Cristin Kearns, Habib Benzian, Paul Allison, Richard G Watt (2019): Oral diseases: A global public health challenge. The Lancet. Vol 394:249-60. (see

Richard G Watt, Blánaid Daly, Paul Allison, Lorna M D Macpherson, Renato Venturelli, Stefan Listl, Robert J Weyant, Manu R Mathur, Carol C Guarnizo-Herreño, Roger Keller Celeste, Marco A Peres, Cristin Kearns, Habib Benzian (2019): Ending the neglect of global oral health: Time for radical action. The Lancet. Vol 396:261-72. (see

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