Community Clinics

The Faculty of Dentistry’s service to the community stands as a model for other dental schools nation-wide. We provide free dental care for vulnerable members of the Montreal community who are not always able to afford or access dental care.

All of our clinics facilitate training and learning experiences in various aspects of dentistry. Our patients receive excellent care, and in turn, our students gain skills and experience from the many procedures they perform preparing them to become professional dentists.

Pediatric Clinic

The Faculty of Dentistry offers free and reduced-cost dental treatment for children and teens aged 7-16, provided by senior dental students under the supervision of Pediatric Dental Specialists and General Practice Dentists.

Immigrant and Refugee Pediatric Dental Clinic at the MCH

Pediatric clinic offers free dental care for refugee and new immigrant children

Jim Lund Clinic at the Welcome Mission Hall

Free preventative and basic dental care for those without any dental insurance

Mobile Dental Clinic

Free mobile, basic dental care through local community organisations

Summer Clinic

Please note that because of COVID-19, there will be no Summer clinic in 2020.

Oral Health Clinic for Neurodevelopmental Diversity

Serves adults with Autism and/or Intellectual Disability using an approach that is highly adapted to the patient. 

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