Monzur Murshed

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Professor, Department of Medicine and Faculty of Dental Medicine and Oral Health Sciences
Principal Investigator; Shriners Hospital for Children, Canada

Monzur Murshed
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monzur.murshed [at]

Research in my laboratory primarily focuses on the genetic regulation of tissue mineralization. Bones and teeth are the tissues where physiologic mineral depositions take place. These mineralized tissues serve important biomechanical functions and also act as a reservoir for essential mineral ions required in vital cellular activities. Soft tissue mineralization, on the other hand, is pathologic, which often leads to debilitating conditions. Mineral deposition in the arterial walls can be a risk factor for many cardiovascular diseases, while such deposits in the joints can cause osteoarthritis - a common chronic joint condition of the elderly in Canada. Our working hypothesis suggests that mineral deposition in a tissue depends on the availability of two key mineral ions calcium and inorganic phosphate, the presence of a suitable mineral scaffolding protein matrix and the extracellular levels of inhibitors that prevent mineral crystal precipitation and growth. We use the power of modern mouse genetics in combination with a range of molecular and cell biology techniques to uncover the novel genetic regulators of tissue mineralization and their mechanisms of action. Revealing these regulators should eventually help identify new therapeutic targets and improve the management of complications associated with abnormal tissue mineralization.

Areas of expertise: 
  • Transgenic models
  • Bone remodelling
  • Bone mineralization
  • Osteoblastogenesis
  • Arterial calcification
Research areas: 
Mineralized Tissues and Extracellular Matrix Biology
Selected publications: 

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