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Results from the 2022 Annual Research Day

16 Jun 2022

DMD projects - Critically Appraised Topic Summaries (Sponsored by Sunstar)...

Resident Dr. Shawna Rieux wins research prize at JDIQ

16 Jun 2022

Montreal Children’s Hospital General Practice Resident Dr. Shawna Rieux studies what happens when one of your teeth gets knocked out, and best practices when dentists put your tooth back in....

Soft Tissue Mineralization research features in prominent ATVB journal

16 Jun 2022

Intracellular localization of MGP (green) lacking the conserved serine residues. Actin filaments and nuclei are stained in red and blue, respectively.Faculty research is getting noticed.

Faculty Projects receive New Frontiers in Research Fund Grants

13 Apr 2022

On April 4, the Government of Canada released the results of the New Frontiers in Research Fund (NFRF) 2021 Exploration competition and the NFRF special call on innovative approaches to research in...

NSERC/FRQNT NOVA program for early career researchers

13 Apr 2022

The NOVA program for early career researchers is a grant program to support research projects led by early career researcher from Quebec.

New study reports low COVID-19 infection rates among Canadian Dentists

15 Nov 2021

Faculty of Dentistry Researcher, Dr. Sreenath Madathil, recently published a new prospective cohort study investigating the incidence of COVID-19 cases among Canadian dentists. The study followed a...

Drs. Jake Barralet, Nicholas Makhoul and Etienne Vachon-Presseau awarded CIHR Project Grants

2 Sep 2021

Drs. Barralet and Makhoul were awarded $722,926 over a five-year period for their study ‘Induction of transplantable angiosomes for segmental bone defect regeneration’. Dr. Vachon-Presseau was...

Painting a picture of the oral health of Canadians

12 Jul 2021

A new study “Oral health and oral health care of Canadians” led by Prof. Paul Allison of McGill University’s Faculty of Dentistry, has received $3.3 million of funding from the Canadian Institutes...

Dr. Feine just became the first ITI Senior Fellow in Canada

22 Jun 2021

Dr. Jocelyn Feine is internationally recognize as a pioneer in implant dentistry. She is most known for her work on the "McGill Consensus Statement" in 2002 which established an evidence-based...


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