Research Day 2024: Inspiring Minds, Sharing Knowledge

18th Annual Research Day, highlighting the innovative research and academic excellence of the Faculty's undergraduate and graduate students, sets a new record for attendance

The Faculty of Dental Medicine and Oral Health Sciences 18th Annual Research Day took place on April 24 at the Centre Mont-Royal. With a record-breaking crowd of over 270 participants including researchers, dental medicine students, graduate students, and clinical and administrative staff, the event provided a dynamic platform for exchange, ideas, and discussion. The day was marked by a series of engaging presentations and discussions, showcasing the innovative research being conducted within the Faculty. Twenty three students had the opportunity to present their research through oral presentations, while 79 poster presentations were displayed and presented.

This year's keynote speakers were Eduardo Franco, Distinguished James McGill Professor and Director of the Division of Cancer Epidemiology, and Dr. Paul Zaslansky, Professor of Material Science in Dentistry in the department of Operative, Preventive and Pediatric Dentistry of the Charité Center for Craniofacial Sciences in Berlin. Professor Franco's presentation focused on the the uncertain future of academic publishing in the Sciences due to open access journals, which has shifted the costs of publishing from readers to authors and in turn democratized access to scientific knowledge. He explored the unintended consequences of this movement including attitudes on the role of peer review and the credibility of scientific publishing in the pursuit of profit, and the need for open access publications that move away from the profit driven model. 

Dr. Zaslansky's presentation "Radiation, radiography and bones: a love-hate relationship, especially at high resolutions" shed light on the advancements in using radiation for imaging bones and similar biomineralized tissues, taking into consideration the pros and cons of using research-grade tomographic methods.

The event also featured guest speaker Dr. Timothy J. Quirt talk about on the future of AI in dentistry. Dr. Quirt's insights into the integration of artificial intelligence in dental practices provided a glimpse into the potential future of dental medicine.

An award ceremony took place at the end of the day to recognize the excellence of Faculty student research posters and presentations.

Congratulations to all the winners!

  • DMD projects - Critically Appraised Topic Summaries
    • 1st place: Micaela Buchbinder, Kaitlin Chow, Gucci Ding, Amanda Janes, Ashima Razdan
    • 2nd place: Saby Xavier, Jia Xin Li, Eric Ge, Babasola Sodipo
    • 3rd place: Joey Chammas, Kenneth Drummond, Matthew Goldsmith, Vishwendra Singh
  • Best Oral Presentations
    • 1st place: Megan Araujo
    • 2nd place: David Bertrand
    • 3rd place: Yue Ying
  • Best Poster presentations
    • 1st place: Iram Fatima Siddiqui
    • 2nd place, Hawraa Issa, Université Laval
    • 3rd place: Sydnie Zuckerman
  • Best Lightning Talk: Celine Agnes
  • Best Publication: Xiang Ao, Eric Krochmalnek
  • Knowledge Translation Award: Jax Norman
  • GPR Resident Award: Aynaz Khodayari
  • OMFS Resident Award: Ahmad Alali
  • DMD Summer Research Student Award: Eric Krochmalnek

The Faculty's Research Day would not have been possible without the generous support of our sponsors and donors. We extend our heartfelt thanks to 123Dentist, the Réseau intersectoriel en santé buccodentaire et osseuse durable (RiSBOD), Sunstar, the Network for Canadian Oral Health Research, and Colgate-Palmolive.

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