"Model for success": new paper co-authored by ECP's Nathan Hall proposes framework for supporting needs of pre-tenure academics


Inside Higher EdMCGILL UNIVERSITY: FACULTY OF EDUCATION- A new paper co-authored by Nathan Hall proposes a framework for supporting the needs of pre-tenure faculty members, reports Colleen Flaherty of Inside Higher Ed.

Led by the University of North Dakota's Robert H. Stupnisky, the new study, titled "Testing a Model of Pretenure Faculty Members’ Teaching and Research Success: Motivation as a Mediator of Balance, Expectations, and Collegiality," was co-authored by Nathan C. Hall, Lia M. Daniels and Emmanuel Mensah.

"The study’s authors proposed and tested a conceptual model of pre-tenure faculty success that incorporates additional research on motivation -namely self-determination theory," wrote Inside Higher Ed's Colleen Flaherty in part. "The gist is that when pre-tenure faculty members’ social-environmental concerns are addressed, “their basic psychosocial needs will be satisfied, resulting in optimal motivation and greater reported success in teaching and research.”

Nathan Hall is an associate professor with McGill's Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology. He is director of the Achievement Motivation and Emotion (AME) Research Group, and the creator of the popular @AcademicsSay twitter handle. His work explores the psychosocial determinants of optimal development in achievement settings, with an interest in motivation, self-regulation, and emotions as predictors of achievement and health.

[read "Model for Success: New paper proposes framework for supporting the needs of pretenure faculty members, namely making sure they're poised to find intrinsic motivation," Colleen Flaherty, Inside Higher Ed, March 23, 2017]