Healthy Hybrid Attestation

Under the umbrella of My Healthy Workplace, this self-directed attestation aims to fully equip McGill’s Administrative & Support Staff, as well as Supervisors, with the skills needed to transition to a healthy and productive hybrid workplace. This initiative allows participants to personalize their learning experience by selecting from a variety of relevant hybrid-focused workshops.

In order to obtain the Healthy Hybrid Attestation, employees/ individual contributors must complete 4 workshops and supervisors must complete 5 workshops. This is to be completed at their own pace but within 1 year of their attestation start date. The workshops include experiential learning, case studies as well as online videos. 


The Workshops for the Healthy Hybrid Attestation:


(Individual Contributors)

Take 1 Mandatory Workshop: Take 3 Mandatory Workshops:
Universal and Empowering Tools for Transitions Universal and Empowering Tools for Transitions
  Leading High Performing Teams in a Hybrid World
  Team Work Distribution in Hybrid Workplaces
Choose 3 Elective Workshops: Choose 2 Elective Workshops:
IT Skills for a Hybrid Workplace IT Skills for a Hybrid Workplace
Ergonomics Onsite, Offsite, and In-Between Ergonomics Onsite, Offsite, and In-Between
Work Distribution in Hybrid Workplaces LiL Course Club: Leveraging Virtual and Hybrid Teams for Improved Effectiveness
LiL Course Club: Be an Effective Hybrid or Virtual Employee  


Follow these steps to complete the Healthy Hybrid Attestation:

  1. Select the workshops you wish to attend from the table above. 
  2. Register for your selected workshops by accessing Minerva: In the Employee Menu, click on Training Menu, select Organizational Development, and follow the instructions to register.  
  3. Fill out the MS Form - Registration in order to signal the start of your attestation. 
  4. Attend all of your selected workshops within 1 year of your attestation start date.

Once you have completed all the workshops (whether as an employee/ individual contributor or as a supervisor):

  1. Obtain a copy of your Training Record
  2. Fill out the MS Form - Completion to signal that you attended all the required workshops for your Healthy Hybrid Attestation. 

*Please Note: These workshops and attestation are not accredited. 

The Organizational Development Team is here to support you through your hybrid workplace journey. Please feel free to contact us at [at] for any further information. 

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