McGill Leaders' Circle

Designed for senior leaders, this program aims to maximize leadership potential at McGill and by providing networking and learning opportunities for senior people managers and strategic decision-makers (primarily M4s).

Every employee’s contribution impacts an organization. However, senior people managers have by far the largest and most direct effect on culture and employee engagement. By promoting and embodying healthy management practices, leadership builds and cultivates a firm foundation to empower employees to excel and achieve McGill’s goals.

This program is for leaders who seek to:

  • Build a high-performing and healthy workplace that values community and accountability
  • Explore key leadership challenges and opportunities with seasoned facilitators and engaged peers
  • Cultivate excellence through connectedness, trust and continuous learning
  • Enhance employee engagement, innovation and productivity
  • Consciously invest in our workplace culture by tapping into the wisdom of McGill and its people
  • Learn new skills, strategies, and tools that work in McGill’s diverse and ever-changing environment

See Program Brochure Fall 2019 for full details. 

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