Coaching Ourselves

Coaching Ourselves

"Organizations are communities of human beings, not collections of human resources"
Henry Mintzberg

The McGill Organizational Development team has been using Henry Mintzberg's CoachingOurselves approach since 2009.

In CoachingOurselves small groups of 4-6 participants gather for a 90-minute peer-coaching session guided by one of over 100 CoachingOurselves modules. You can now use these modules to organize your own self-directed peer-coaching or as part of your department/unit event or offsite. McGill has an enterprise license so it does not cost you anything!

CoachingOurselves - Reflection Café - Guided discussions on a variety of topics

CoachingOurselves is an innovative coaching approach developed by Henry Mintzberg and Phil LeNir which offers over one hundred 90-minute guided discussion topics, including: The Rewards of Recognition, Analyzing Employee Performance, Enhancing Communication, 10 Ways to Release Change, S.W.O.T for Strategy and more!

CoachingOurselves allows you to:

  • Engage with your peers or your team.
  • Stimulate reflection on your day-to-day work experiences while sharing and learning with others. 

For more information on CoachingOurselves, visit their website or download their catalogue.

For monthly CoachingOurselves - Reflection Café sessions, register here.

For intact team CoachingOurselves - Reflection Café sessions, please contact angela.morse [at] (subject: CoachingOurselves) (Angela Morse) at 514-398-3239.

CoachingOurselves - Self Directed Packages


CoachingOurselves succeeds on two levels in a short timeframe: it provides managers an opportunity to acquire new knowledge applied to their own context and it also offers a space for making meaning and creating connections.
Tara Shaughnessy | Associate Director Graphic Design & Multimedia | Retired 

These core packages allow teams or groups to work independently through 4 peer-coaching sessions. We have designed these to meet your specific needs. To get started with any of these packages, please contact [at] (Organizational Development)

Packages Overview

Core Packages:

  • Engagement Package
  • Service Excellence Package
  • Performance Dialogue Package
  • LDP Alumni Package
  • Clerical & Technical  Team Package
  • Supervisor Starter Kit
Engagement Service Excellence Performance Dialogue

Low team moral? This is the package for you.

Dig deeper into service excellence with this collection of modules.

Not clear on how to write performance objectives? These modules will help you get started.

Managing on the Tightropes: The Inescapable
Conundrums of Managing

Models of Engagement: Employer-Employee

Management Competency Raising

Emotional Intelligence: Your Inner and Outer

Igniting Momentum with Customer Insights

Managing on the Tightropes: The Inescapable
Conundrums of Managing

Engagement: Beyond Buy-In

Developing Brand Leadership for Every Manager

Simply Managing: From Reflection to Action

Managing to Lead

Knowledge Sharing for Innovation -- The
Wiki Way

Democratize your Organization: Rethinking the
21st Century Workplace


LDP Alumni Clerical & Technical Supervisor Starter Kit

The LDP is a great program, but what do you do when you are done? Now you have an answer, use these modules with a group of LDP Alum!

Do you want to explore new ideas and perspectives on work and management? 

New managers can gain a lot from a peer support group. These are the modules to get your group started.

Management Competency Raising

Managing Time and Energy

Accountability: It's a Tricky World

Managing on the Tightropes: The Inescapable
Conundrums of Managing

Career Anchors

Political Games in Organizations

Simply Managing: From Reflection to Action

Time to Dialogue    

Managing to Lead

Democratize your Organization: Rethinking the
21st Century Workplace

Introducing Culture in Organizations

Managing Time and Energy

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