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“It is not simply a matter of improving a few processes, or reorganizing units, or moving around budgets when times are tough financially. It is about building communities of engagement, where every person at every level takes advantage of opportunities to learn, where people feel connected to their jobs and their colleagues, and where people feel a sense of purpose and ownership.”
–Principal Emerita, Suzanne Fortier

Through the provision of training and internal consulting/facilitation, Human Resources's Organizational Development team supports the McGill community in developing a workplace where each one of us understands our contribution to the whole, where continuous learning, collaboration and creativity leads us to results that matter to our community, and sets us apart in our ability to respond to evolving challenges and opportunities.  A learning organization that is open, connected and purposeful.

Our internal consultants work with leaders and teams to better understand how change works, identify and manage typical responses to change and develop change management communication plans that encourage transparency, trust and buy-in.

Support can be provided at various stages of change and transformation, emphasizing organizational, team and individual effectiveness.

Our team can conduct an initial diagnostic with you and of your Unit/Department and collaborate with you in developmental areas such as:

  • Change Management – Supporting the people side of change
  • Internal Consulting and Interventions – Unit diagnostics, team building…
  • Performance Management – Linked to unit objectives, career development/succession planning.
  • Process Management – Identifying and supporting continuous process improvement
  • Team Building & Effectiveness – Including customized sessions tailored to teams
  • Strategic Planning - Visioning Your Future, Mission Objectives Strategies & Values


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