POSTPONED - 2019-2020 MFORUM CONFERENCE | Building the "M" in Momentum at McGill: A Practical Guide

From LinkedIn to Lego, MFORUM has programmed a great series of talks and workshops to help you grow in your career at McGill! 


Mission Statement

We at MFORUM seek to foster a sense of community through networking and discussion among all ‘M’ classified Managers and Administrators with the goal of broadening the scope of professional experience and development, in ongoing alignment with the objectives of McGill University and all of its constituents.

Through the exchange of ideas and informal dialogue among our membership, with other staff groups, and with Senior Administration, we aim to encourage initiative, innovation, and managerial courage to foster a workplace culture where all employees are empowered to make McGill a more agile, effective, and sustainable learning organization, while respecting and maintaining our core values of diversity, equity, health and well-being, transparency, and collegiality.

MFORUM Membership

As part of the M classification at McGill, all new and current McGill managers, supervisors, professional or administrative staff are automatically signed up to the MFORUM listserv. "M" classification refers to one of the categories below:

Regular “M” classifications
Management term employees
Excluded Positions

The MFORUM Steering Committee organizes events that provide great opportunities to hear presentations from our senior administration about new initiatives, to find out about changes in policies or procedures, and to meet new people while networking with your colleagues from other units or departments.

As an MFORUM member, you will receive e-mail communications about upcoming events through the listserv. Keep your eyes open for announcements - we look forward to meeting you all!​

MFORUM Terms of Reference


"A unique opportunity to work with talented managers, forge new relationships, and to provide the McGill management community with inspiring events that truly embodied the spirit and vision of a learning organization."

 -Zahoor Chugtai, Director of Administration and Finance, Montreal Neurological Institute

“I had been coming to MFORUM events for many years and I wanted to get more involved, so I joined the Steering Committee. It turned out to be a great decision; not only did I learn more about event planning, working on a cross-functional team, and managing in general, I also got to share a lot of my experience with other members of the Steering Committee and make a positive impact on the management staff at the University."

 -Mark Michaud, Director of Administration, Desautels Faculty of Management

“Doing teamwork and developing comradeships with colleagues from all over McGill. Supporting management staff through positive and constructive initiatives. Nurturing my sense of belonging and usefulness differently. These are only a few of the many things I enjoy being part of the MFORUM Steering Committee.”

 -Kim McGrath, Sustainability Officer, Office of Sustainability

History of MFORUM (previously Management Forum)

The MFORUM Group was formed in the 1970’s and was originally open to only senior managers. After many years, the procedures changed to allow management staff from all levels to be included. Today, there are over 1,500 management and professional-level positions in the university!


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