How About Us? Your MFORUM Steering Committee

Your MFORUM Steering Committee is generally composed of ten (10) members from regular management level positions. Five (5) current, committee members continue to serve a second year of a two-year mandate, and five (5) new members will be selected for a two-year term.

Positions on the committee

The named committee positions are composed of a Chair or Co-Chairs, a Secretary, a Treasurer, a Communications Manager and a Website Administrator. All members actively participate in organizing events throughout the year.

When do we meet

Committee meetings are held once every three weeks during the lunch hour. The new term starts on June 1st of every year.

Who's on the committee this year?

Click here to view steering committee members for 2018-2019.

Interested in joining the MFORUM Steering Committee?

If you have ideas and energy to contribute, you are the perfect candidate to help us plan activities. Nominations are accepted from June through mid-August.

  1. Complete the Steering Committee Nomination Form
  2. Then scan and send it by email to mforum.chair [at] 
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