Supervisory and Management Skills Attestation

The Supervisory and Management Skills Attestation is designed for Management Staff in a Supervisory role. This attestation helps participants enhance their competencies in effective communication, motivating employees and managing employee performance. The format is both practical and integrative, allowing participants to apply their learnings on the job and share best practices with colleagues.

In order to obtain the Supervisory and Management Skills Attestation (this attestation is NOT accredited) participants must take at least 6 workshops albeit at their own pace but within a two-year period. The workshops include experiential learning, case studies as well as online videos.


Follow these steps to complete the attestation:

Once you have completed all 6 workshops, obtain a copy of your training record, provide us with your McGill mailing address (In order for us to send you your attestation of completion by mail) and submit both via e-mail to [at] indicating “Request for Attestation” in the subject line.

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