LEAN Six Sigma

What is LEAN Six Sigma?

LEAN Six Sigma is a process improvement methodology – a set of tools, concepts and approaches that can help you identify and eliminate eight key wastes.

What does LEAN White Belt Certification involve?

Audience: McGill Managers, professionals, supervisors, and specialists at all levels
Duration: Full-day
Requirements: None

This one-day introductory workshop invites participants to discover LEAN Six Sigma’s origins, principles and problem-solving methodology. You’ll learn to identify the eight most common types of “waste” in work processes, explore a suite of LEAN tools designed to eliminate them, and join us for a powerful hands-on demonstration of how LEAN Six Sigma optimizes inefficient processes in the real world.

Want to know more about the program, please contact od.hr [at] mcgill.ca (Organizational Development).

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