Leadership Development Program (LDP)

“In my line of work, leadership skills are a must.  The LDP has helped hone these skills and allowed me to make contact with other managers.  The networking process has been extremely beneficial in getting new ideas to help face my daily challenges”

The next Leadership Development Program is scheduled to launch April 2020. The following dates apply: 

  • Information Sessions to be held- Fall 2019
  • Application Process begins - November 2019
  • Final selection of Participants - February 2020
  • First LDP Workshop - April 2020

This highly-reputed one-year program is designed to enhance personal, team and organizational leadership.  Maximizing the impact of experiential learning, the program is grounded in McGill's 7 Behavioural Competencies and is offered to 3 carefully chosen streams in our McGill community:

  • Supervisors (Individuals who directly supervise staff)
  • Change Agents (Individuals who are responsible to lead change initiatives in their area, through project management, process improvement, change management, training and development, etc. They may not have line authority but certainly need to adopt a strategic perspective, influence people and manage processes)
  • Student Affairs Professionals (managers who advise or support students)

As graduates testify, through an integrated curriculum comprised of hands-on modules, participants gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to lead in times of change.

About the program

The LDP is a year-long commitment consisting of one to two days per month. 

There are no workshops scheduled during the months of July or August. Please note that all workshops are mandatory.

There is no cost. The program is free of charge to eligible McGill University staff.

After the initial program launch, there are core courses that are common to all participants.   We provide an interactive small group approach (approx. 15 participants) with a mix of participants from all three streams to enrich the discussion and learning. Subsequently, there is a set of three courses specific to each of the three streams.  These are an obligatory part of the program and are done within one’s own stream.

Program curriculum

Core Workshops

LDP Launch

EQ: Leading in a Changing Culture

Listening & Effective Communication

Managing Conflict

Leading Change

Team Dynamics

Wrap-up Workshop



Change Agents

Student Affairs Professionals

Interviewing Skills and Onboarding

Project Management 1

Appreciating Our Diverse Stakeholders

Planning Strategies & Actions

Process Management (LEAN - White Belt)

Partnering for Success

Managing Talent & Planning for Succession

Facilitation Skills and Group Process

Coaching & Focused Conversations