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J'Explore Program

The Explore Program is a Five-Week French-Language Bursary Program offered by the Government of Canada. Students that successfully complete the program are eligible to receive transfer credit on their McGill transcript. The Explore Program procedure is as follows:

Please note that not all courses offered through this program are for credit. It is important to read the Explore Website to ensure that the host university you select grants university-level credits for their courses.

Step 1: Student consults the Explore program website to determine the course they wish to take.

Step 2: Student applies on the Quebec government website

Step 3: Once accepted for the bursary and you have received confirmation of your registration at the host institution, you must complete the following steps by July 15

  • Complete a Minerva Study Away application

    To begin a study away application, you must go to the Minerva Study Away Request Form. To access the request form, log on to Minerva and navigate to: Student Menu > Student Records Menu > Exchange/Study Away Menu > Request for Study Away. For instructions, select the word “HELP” in the upper right hand corner of the Minerva screen.  Indicate in the comments that you wish to take course offered through the Explore program.

  • Complete the Minerva Transfer Credit Assessment form

    At the bottom of your Minerva Study Away application, you will find a link to the Minerva Transfer Credit Assessment Form. This form is used to request course assessment and approval.

Step 4:  Arts OASIS approves the Study Away application.

Step 5: ES-Records adds a special inter-university course (EXTL-IU%-999) to the student’s record in the appropriate summer term

Step 6: Upon course completion, student requests a copy of their transcript to be sent to ES-Record

Enrolment Services, McGill University

Management of Academic Records

3415 McTavish Street

Montréal, Québec

Canada, H3Y 0C8

ATT: Arts Study Away

Step 7: If you will be taking a French-as-a-Second-Language course while on an exchange, study away or j' Explore program, you must take a post-test at the French Language Centre upon your return.

Step 8: If the student successfully completes the program, Arts OASIS updates the Minerva Transfer Credit Assessment form with the appropriate transfer credits (if they should be granted).

NOTE1: The CREPUQ-IUT system is not used for this program when the student is taking the French course at a Quebec university.

NOTE2: If an Explore institution is missing from the Study Away module picklist email studentrecords [at]