Online Education

A maximum of 6 credits of elective* courses taught through online education may be used towards your Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Social Work degree at McGill.


  1. Coursework must be satisfactorily completed at a degree granting institution that is accredited to award three or four year undergraduate Bachelor of Arts degrees by that country's equivalent to a Ministry of Education and the host university must appear on the Arts OASIS list of institutions approved for transfer credit.
  2. Transfer credit will only be considered for an online course that has been completed during a Faculty Approved Independent Study Away or Quebec Inter-University Transfer (IUT).


Studying away must be Faculty Approved by Arts OASIS. A course that has been approved on the McGill Course Equivalency System does not constitute approval to study away and/or approval to receive transfer credit for an online course.

Students registered at McGill in the Fall and/or Winter semester may not be concurrently registered for an online course outside of Quebec in the Fall and/or Winter semester.

Students registered for a McGill Exchange program may not take online education courses during their study away term(s) to earn transfer credit and/or satisfy the minimum course load at the host university.

If you are an American student receiving US loans and wish to take an online education course, you are responsible for discussing the financial implications of this decision with the McGill Scholarships and Student Aid Office before beginning the online study away application process.

  1. Course must be part of the host university’s undergraduate curriculum and must count for credit toward a degree at the host institution. Courses taken toward a certificate/diploma or courses taken through continuing studies will typically NOT be credited unless they count toward an undergraduate degree at that institution.
  2. Course must have a syllabus that includes, at a minimum, contact hours, course objectives, readings, and method of evaluation.
  3. Students must verify that they have the required prerequisite for any course they intend to take at the host university. Students should not take a course at the host university if they do not have the required academic background to succeed in the course.
  4. If you are seeking credit for an online elective course, the Faculty administering the equivalent course at McGill must approve the method of delivery in the Course Equivalency System. Please read the information under Transferring credit, step 2 for an explanation of the process


COMP, ENVR, GEOG, MATH, and PSYC courses are offered to students in the Faculty of Arts but are administered by the Faculty of Science at McGill, therefore, the Faculty of Science will decide if the method of delivery for these online courses meets their requirements for the granting of transfer credit.

The Faculties of Engineering, Law and Management currently do NOT allow students to take online, correspondence or distance education courses for credit towards a McGill degree, therefore, you will NOT receive transfer credit for courses that fall under these Faculties.

  1. Course must not overlap in content with a course for which credit has already been granted. (See Course Overlap)
  2. You may not receive transfer credit toward your degree for any course that exceeds the maximum of credits that can be taken outside the Faculty of Arts or Science. (See Courses Outside the Faculties of Arts or Science)
  3. The combined total of regular course credits and online education course credits may not exceed the permitted maximum number of credits per term according to Faculty regulations. (See course load)
  4. ALL components of each course must be completed at the host university by the end of the term of study.
  5. Course must generate a final grade that can be recorded on the host university’s official transcript. Grades of C- or less, Pass (P) and Satisfactory (S) are not acceptable. The letter grade earned will take precedence over the corresponding numerical grades if both are indicated on the transcript.
  6. The grades earned at the host university will NOT appear on your McGill record and will NOT be calculated in your McGill CGPA.



Consult the following websites for information on eligibility, deadlines and instructions for taking an online education course through an Independent Study Away in the Fall and/or Winter or Summer or a Quebec Inter-University Transfer (IUT).


Courses taught through online education may not be used to complete program requirements, except on an individual basis when serious, documented circumstances warrant it. In such cases, prior approval must be obtained from your departmental academic advisor and an appeal, outlining your exceptional circumstances and documentation supporting your request must be sent to the Associate Dean of Arts (Student Affairs).

Please complete the following steps:

  1. Apply on Minerva for Independent Study Away or Quebec Inter University Transfer (IUT) and submit the course on McGill’s Course Equivalency System following the instructions for approving an online education course. See Transferring credit, “McGill Course Equivalency” for an explanation of the process.
  2. Send an email to the assistant-adstudents.arts [at] (Associate Dean (Student Affairs)) from your McGill email account (including your student number) explaining your exceptional circumstances.
  3. Your departmental program advisor must send an email to the Associate Dean (Student Affairs) confirming that, by exception, this online course can be used to complete a program requirement in your program of study.

The Associate Dean (Student Affairs) will review your request and will advise you of the decision.



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