Overdue fines

Items that are not returned when they are due may be subject to overdue fines. Fines are calculated 24/7.

One overdue item will prevent all items on your account from renewing automatically. Any item that becomes overdue as a result of the non-renewal will accrue fines. You are responsible for all late fees/ fines on your account. Please be sure to return all items on time.


  • For most materials: $0.50 a day for a maximum of $20.
  • For reserve items: $0.02 per minute for a maximum of $100 (4 days).
  • Recall fines: $5 a day for a maximum of $20.


Paying fines

Fines can be paid:

  • In person, by debit or credit card (Visa or Mastercard), at the loans desk
  • By phone, by speaking to a supervisor who can receive payment by credit card
  • Online by credit card (Visa or Mastercard), by accessing the payment platform through your library account. Access online fee payment instructions: PDF icon 2020-12-03_online_fee_payment_-_instructions.pdf.


Blocks on your account

All borrowers: You will be blocked from borrowing if you have $50 or more owing to the library.

  • Note for students: Any outstanding amount of $100 or more owing to the Library will block the release of diplomas and transcripts. Sign in to your library account for details of outstanding Library fines.


Waiving of fines

Fines are waived only in special circumstances, for example, a documented medical situation. Please note that lack of awareness of Library policies or failure to receive a reminder email notice is not an acceptable reason for waiving a fine.

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