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Flag of Montreal

Official Site (French version)
The City of Montréal's Web portal.
Portail régional de Montréal
The provincial government's web portal for the Montréal region. French only.

Municipal Government

Boards and Offices
Boroughs (Arrondissements)
City Council (French version)
Montréal's main legislative body comprises the mayor and 64 councillors. Each member, excluding the mayor, represents one of the city's 27 boroughs.
  • Ordres du jour. Meeting agendas. French only.
  • Procès-verbaux. Votes and Proceedings. Scroll down the page to view Votes and Proceedings. French only.
  • Standing Committees. These committees are established by the Council to consult the public on current issues under their separate mandates, and advise the City Council on their findings. French only.
Documents and Records
  • Archives. Official website of the city archives. Includes an online guide to its holdings. French only.
  • Historical Images and Photographs
    • 1872-1898. A series of drawings and photographs on several topics. A joint project of the Pointe-à-Callière Museum and Industry Canada.
    • 1920-1960. Over 300 photographs of buildings, places, people, and municipal services. A joint project of the City of Montréal Archives and Industry Canada.
  • Property Value Roll. Contains the property value for real estate on the Island of Montréal, as determined by the city for tax purposes. Searchable by street address, cadastre, numéro de matricule, or numéro de lot rénové. Also provides the date of construction, size, and current use. N.B. The online version is not complete. French only.
Executive Committee (French version)
Chosen by the mayor, the executive committee drafts financial documents (including the budget) and by-laws for approval by the City Council. Analogous to a parliamentary cabinet, the committee shapes city policy.
Financial Management (French version)
The city's finance department site contains city budgets, annual financial reports, and information on taxes.
Mayor's Office (French version)
City Hall's website includes a collection of the mayor's speeches and announcements, as well as links to current issues and initiatives undertaken by his office.
Urban Planning
Ville de Montréal Organization Chart
PDF file. This detailed schematic drawing outlines the structure of the city government.



City Websites
Other Sources

Other Sites

Chambers of Commerce
The local press provides in-depth coverage of municipal politics, and is often the best source for finding information on timely issues.
School Boards
The Island of Montréal is divided into three French-language school boards and two English-speaking school boards.
Répertoire de la vie communautaire à Montréal.
A portal for locating information about the various community organizations within the city. French only.

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