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How to get more help:

In addition to the resources listed here, you can always take a look at our E-books FAQ, and see if we have the information you are looking for.


Are you having trouble reading e-books on your e-reader or computer?

If you are having difficulty getting an e-book working on your device, here are a few suggestions of where to get help.


Ask a librarian at McGill

We are always here to help, and there are many ways to contact us, in person, over the phone or digitally. For more information, please see the Ask a Librarian page.

Take a look at McGill's FAQs.

We have a FAQ specifically for e-books on the McGill FAQ page.

Check your device's help pages

As each device works differently, usually the device's help page will have instructions on problems specific to your device. For example:




Are you having trouble accessing an e-book through the catalogue?

For example:

  • You’d like to access an e-book in one of our collections, but the “View e-book” link is missing or doesn’t work.
  • There seems to be a problem accessing an entire collection that persists.
  • You had access to an e-book and it seems to have disappeared from the catalogue or the collection?


You can tell us about the issue using the Report a problem form.

Note: Occasionally our e-book collections are not available due to service disruptions, but these are usually dealt with quickly. Also, sometimes collections can change what titles they have available, and so we do lose access to titles occasionally. However, it is also possible that the e-book has changed locations and the catalogue has not been updated. We might be able to find it for you if it has moved, or let you know if we still have access to it.




Do you have a specific question about e-books or an e-book provider?

For example:

  • You'd like to know if you can get an e-book chapter via interlibrary loans?
  • You need to know how many users an e-book collection allows at once?
  • You have questions on data-mining or other e-book usage rights?


You can contact collection services at collections.library [at]

Note: We will do our best to answer you without delay, but if your question is very specific and requires communicating with an e-book publisher or another department, it may takes us a little bit of time to give you the information you are looking for.


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