Office of the Dean of Libraries

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday:
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Saturday & Sunday:

Main Floor, McLennan Library Building
3459 McTavish Street
Montréal, Québec, Canada
H3A 0C9
Tel.: 514-398-4677

Trenholme Dean of Libraries

Dr. Guylaine Beaudry
Tel.: 514-398-4677
guylaine.beaudry [at] (Email)

Assistant to the Trenholme Dean of Libraries

Giuliana Panetta
Tel.: 514-398-4677
assistant_dean.libraries [at] (Email)

Development and Alumni Relations Officer

Steven Spodek
Tel: 514-398-1771
steven.spodek [at] (Email)

Vice-Dean of Libraries

Dr. Lorie Kloda
Tel.: 514-398-3599
lori.kloda [at] (Email)

Assistant to the Vice-Dean

Delores LaPratt
Tel.: 514-398-3599
delores.lapratt [at] (Email)


Merika Ramundo ​
Communications Manager
merika.ramundo [at] (Email)

Lauren Goldman
Communications and Events Administrator
lauren.goldman2 [at] (Email)

Associate Deans

Jessica Lange
Interim Associate Dean, Library Technology
jessica.lange [at] (Email)

Joseph Hafner
Associate Dean, Collections
joseph.hafner [at] (Email)

Katherine Hanz
Associate Dean, Teaching & Learning
katherine.hanz [at] (Email)

Jenn Riley
Associate Dean, Strategic Initiatives
Jenn.riley [at] (Email)

Natalie Waters
Interim Associate Dean, Research & Scholarship
natalie.waters [at] (Email)

Administration, Human Resources, Facilities, Budget & Finance

Isabelle Roberge
Director of Administration & Senior HR Advisor
Tel.: 514-398-7486
isabelle.roberge [at] (Email)

Human Resources

Aysha Panchbhaya
HR Advisor
Tel.: 514-398-6928
aysha.panchbhaya [at] (Email)

HR Advisor TBD


Robert Selby
Facilities Manager
Tel: 514-398-4409
robert.selby [at] (Email)

Steven Blaise
Customer Service Coordinator
Tel: 514-398-4771
steven.blaise [at] (Email)


Budget & Finance

Francisco Oliva
Finance Manager
Tel: 514-398-4678
francisco.oliva [at] (Email)

Jiyun Cho
Finance Officer
Tel: 514-398-8536
jiyun.cho [at] (Email)

Susan Fabrizi
Financial Administrator
Tel: 514-398-5711
susan.fabrizi [at] (Email)

Margarita Maria Plata Duran
Financial Administrator
Tel: 514-398-5307
margarita.plataduran [at] (Email)

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