Register your vaccine passport for Fast-Pass sticker to gain quick access to McGill Library spaces & other venues


Published: 7Oct2021
Students working in the McLennan reference area, main floor, McLennan Library Building.

As of Wednesday, October 27, all users of McGill’s library system will need to show their vaccine passport and current McGill ID card to physically access library spaces. To quicken the check-in process, the Library is implementing a Fast-Pass sticker that will allow users to access library spaces while reducing lineups. The sticker will be placed on the McGill ID and will need to be shown to safety ambassadors at all Library entrances once the vaccine passport system is implemented.

IMPORTANT: The sticker also allows users to access residential dining halls, on-campus food locations, athletics facilities and other venues where the vaccine passport is required.

Photocopies or photographs of McGill ID cards will not be accepted.

To obtain this sticker, McGill students, faculty, and staff can visit the pop-up vaccine registration table. Thousands of students have already taken advantage of the Fast-Pass Program. Register your vaccine passport for a Fast-Pass sticker at the branches below.

Registration hours:

Check this announcement or dedicated webpage for more registration dates and locations.

To obtain a sticker, individuals will need to complete a short consent form and present (1) their McGill ID and (2) their choice of one of the following proofs connected to their vaccine passport:

  • The electronic proof-of-vaccination QR code produced by the Quebec government;
  • A printout of the proof-of-vaccination QR code produced by the Quebec government; or
  • The QR code produced by the VaxiCode app

To learn more about vaccine passports at the Library, visit the webpage.

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