Vaccine Passports and McGill


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Revised: September 17, 2021

As of September 1, 2021, the vaccine passport, which requires proof of vaccination to allow fully vaccinated individuals to access non-essential services, is in effect. The vaccination passport is a requirement from the Government of Quebec, and McGill is implementing the passport for non-essential activities on campus. Without a vaccine passport, your McGill experience will be much less fun. Do your bit to protect yourself and others.

Activities requiring a passport   Activities not requiring a passport

Getting a vaccine passport   Presenting a vaccine passport   

Verifying a vaccine passport   Vaccine passport signage

What to do if you are not fully vaccinated


Activities requiring a passport

At McGill, you will need a vaccine passport to:

  • Practice sports in the framework of McGill’s varsity program and recreation program, including when accessing McGill’s fitness centers
  • Attend sporting events
  • Eat or drink in sit-down spaces in food service locations
  • Attend any non-curricular event
  • Access physical Library spaces (as of mid-October)
  • Attend concerts or other performances as an audience member
  • Attend conferences or colloquia held at the University (unless the colloquium is part of a curricular activity)
  • Participate in scavenger hunts or similar activities, even if outdoors
  • As a student resident, access non-essential common areas in student residences: TV rooms, common relaxation spaces, fitness rooms, etc.
  • Participate in extracurricular activities, such as design teams, colloquia, or student association clubs and activities.


Activities not requiring a passport

You will not need a vaccine passport to:

  • Access classes, seminars, tutorials, teaching labs, field courses or other curricular activities
  • Conduct research that is part of a curricular program
  • Access Student Services for health-related services or individual services
  • Access your residence room (and corresponding essential shared facilities)
  • Use study hubs and flex-spaces 
  • Use the Mac shuttle buses for academic activities
  • Attend University governance committees and boards
  • Attend lawful demonstrations in which all other health and safety directives are enforced
  • Borrow library items (Starting mid-October, a system will be set in place to allow students and employees without a passport to request and pick up library materials)

At this stage, the vaccine passport will not be applied to employees (including student employees) carrying out their professional duties.

NOTE: Lists of activities are subject to change.


Getting a vaccine passport

It is an individual responsibility to register your vaccinations and get your vaccine passport.

Anyone who is fully vaccinated can get a vaccine passport from the Quebec government by scanning your QR code with the VaxiCode app (available for iOS or Android devices):

  • If you have been fully vaccinated in Quebec, you likely will have already received a QR code via email. If you have not, please follow the procedure on the Government of Quebec website to download it.
  • If you have been vaccinated outside of Quebec, please visit Clic Sante and click “Select a Service” and “COVID-19 Vaccine: Troubleshooting” to make an appointment to register your vaccinations.

Clinics in Montreal offering Vaccine Registration:

McGill will be hosting a Vaccine Registration Centre at the downtown campus from September 20-21.


Presenting a vaccine passport

Individuals who are presenting a vaccine passport on campus will require (1) a piece a photo ID and (2) their choice of:

  • The electronic proof-of-vaccination QR code produced by the Quebec government;
  • A printout of the proof-of-vaccination QR code produced by the Quebec government; or
  • The QR code produced by the VaxiCode app


Verifying a vaccine passport 

Individuals in charge of non-essential activities on campus are using the VaxiCode Verif app to verify vaccine passports. The VaxiCode Verif app is now available for iOS and Android devices. These individuals should contact their supervisors with any additional questions.



Vaccine passport signage

Signage can be printed out for activities and spaces requiring vaccine passports.


What to do if you are not fully vaccinated

The University expects you to get fully vaccinated as soon as possible. Please consult the Get vaccinated page for instructions on how to book a vaccination appointment of find a walk-in clinic. The vaccination is free and is open to everyone (including international students) with photo identification and your RAMQ card or health information from outside of Quebec.

If you have any questions about vaccination, please consult the Unsure about vaccination page.


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