Changes to Kanopy Access at McGill University


Published: 21Dec2018

The McGill Library will be modifying our method for providing access to the Kanopy platform of streaming films starting January 2019.

McGill Library pays for Kanopy films on a per-title basis. Under our current model, the first four uses of a film are free, but the fifth use “triggers” a one-year license for that film. At this time “triggered” films represent approximately 1,500 videos. Over the last few years Kanopy has become more popular with the McGill community. In 2018 usage has reached an unprecedented level and we can no longer add funds to our Kanopy license until the next fiscal year (June 2019). Films already licensed will remain available on the Kanopy platform for the remainder of their one-year license period. Because those end dates will vary, there is the possibility that a previously licensed film will be removed from the catalogue and unavailable on Kanopy at the end of the license term. Faculty members may request that the Library (re)license a Kanopy film. In addition, the Library offers other streaming video options. See below for more information.


What do I do to get a film for a course I’m teaching in winter term 2019?

Please contact collectiondevelopment.library [at]  

We will investigate options, including licensing the film on Kanopy.


Will titles be removed from Kanopy?

Films that have not been licensed may be removed from the library catalogue; this could include a title that was watched in part but not enough times to get licensed. If a Kanopy film has “disappeared” that you want for classroom or research use please contact collectiondevelopment.library [at] to discuss access options.


What other options do I have to watch films from the library?

McGill Library has thousands of films streaming in addition to our vast DVD collection. Check the library catalogue to search for a title. More information about our streaming video collection is available here and on our Online Video and Film Library Guide here.

We remain committed to providing access to media for classroom use and research needs. Please contact collectiondevelopment.library [at] with any questions.

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