Library endowments

Creating an endowment fund is a long-lasting way of showing your support for the Library. Endowments are created with a donation of $50,000 or greater. Gifts of smaller amounts can be added to one of the many existing endowment funds. The contribution is invested and will earn valuable income in perpetuity. The Library then uses the income to support the donor’s area of choice. The endowment will remain at the McGill University Libraries to support our collections on a continuing basis. The principal of an endowment is never spent. It is forever a source of income for the Library.

Types of endowments include

  • Memorial endowments, which stand as perpetual testaments to the memory of a loved one.
  • Honorary endowments, which can be created to support a particular area of interest in the library. This gift will ensure a continual enhancement of the library and its resources for years to come.
  • Personalised endowments, which may also honour a family member or a friend.


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